//** Tab Content script v2.0- Dynamic Drive DHTML code library (http://www.dynamicdrive.com) //** Updated Oct 7th, 07 to version 2.0. Contains numerous improvements: // -Added Auto Mode: Script auto rotates the tabs based on an interval, until a tab is explicitly selected // -Ability to expand/contract arbitrary DIVs on the page as the tabbed content is expanded/ contracted // -Ability to dynamically select a tab either based on its position within its peers, or its ID attribute (give the target tab one 1st) // -Ability to set where the CSS classname "selected" get assigned- either to the target tab's link ("A"), or its parent container //** Updated Feb 18th, 08 to version 2.1: Adds a "tabinstance.cycleit(dir)" method to cycle forward or backward between tabs dynamically //** Updated April 8th, 08 to version 2.2: Adds support for expanding a tab using a URL parameter (ie: http://mysite.com/tabcontent.htm?tabinterfaceid=0) ////NO NEED TO EDIT BELOW//////////////////////// function ddtabcontent(tabinterfaceid){ this.tabinterfaceid=tabinterfaceid //ID of Tab Menu main container this.tabs=document.getElementById(tabinterfaceid).getElementsByTagName("a") //Get all tab links within container this.enabletabpersistence=true this.hottabspositions=[] //Array to store position of tabs that have a "rel" attr defined, relative to all tab links, within container this.currentTabIndex=0 //Index of currently selected hot tab (tab with sub content) within hottabspositions[] array this.subcontentids=[] //Array to store ids of the sub contents ("rel" attr values) this.revcontentids=[] //Array to store ids of arbitrary contents to expand/contact as well ("rev" attr values) this.selectedClassTarget="link" //keyword to indicate which target element to assign "selected" CSS class ("linkparent" or "link") } ddtabcontent.getCookie=function(Name){ var re=new RegExp(Name+"=[^;]+", "i"); //construct RE to search for target name/value pair if (document.cookie.match(re)) //if cookie found return document.cookie.match(re)[0].split("=")[1] //return its value return "" } ddtabcontent.setCookie=function(name, value){ document.cookie = name+"="+value+";path=/" //cookie value is domain wide (path=/) } ddtabcontent.prototype={ expandit:function(tabid_or_position){ //PUBLIC function to select a tab either by its ID or position(int) within its peers this.cancelautorun() //stop auto cycling of tabs (if running) var tabref="" try{ if (typeof tabid_or_position=="string" && document.getElementById(tabid_or_position).getAttribute("rel")) //if specified tab contains "rel" attr tabref=document.getElementById(tabid_or_position) else if (parseInt(tabid_or_position)!=NaN && this.tabs[tabid_or_position].getAttribute("rel")) //if specified tab contains "rel" attr tabref=this.tabs[tabid_or_position] } catch(err){alert("Invalid Tab ID or position entered!")} if (tabref!="") //if a valid tab is found based on function parameter this.expandtab(tabref) //expand this tab }, cycleit:function(dir, autorun){ //PUBLIC function to move foward or backwards through each hot tab (tabinstance.cycleit('foward/back') ) if (dir=="next"){ var currentTabIndex=(this.currentTabIndex0)? this.currentTabIndex-1 : this.hottabspositions.length-1 } if (typeof autorun=="undefined") //if cycleit() is being called by user, versus autorun() function this.cancelautorun() //stop auto cycling of tabs (if running) this.expandtab(this.tabs[this.hottabspositions[currentTabIndex]]) }, setpersist:function(bool){ //PUBLIC function to toggle persistence feature this.enabletabpersistence=bool }, setselectedClassTarget:function(objstr){ //PUBLIC function to set which target element to assign "selected" CSS class ("linkparent" or "link") this.selectedClassTarget=objstr || "link" }, getselectedClassTarget:function(tabref){ //Returns target element to assign "selected" CSS class to return (this.selectedClassTarget==("linkparent".toLowerCase()))? tabref.parentNode : tabref }, urlparamselect:function(tabinterfaceid){ var result=window.location.search.match(new RegExp(tabinterfaceid+"=(\\d+)", "i")) //check for "?tabinterfaceid=2" in URL return (result==null)? null : parseInt(RegExp.$1) //returns null or index, where index (int) is the selected tab's index }, expandtab:function(tabref){ var subcontentid=tabref.getAttribute("rel") //Get id of subcontent to expand //Get "rev" attr as a string of IDs in the format ",john,george,trey,etc," to easily search through var associatedrevids=(tabref.getAttribute("rev"))? ","+tabref.getAttribute("rev").replace(/\s+/, "")+"," : "" this.expandsubcontent(subcontentid) this.expandrevcontent(associatedrevids) for (var i=0; i500 && this.hottabspositions.length>1){ this.autoruntimer=setInterval(function(){tabinstance.autorun()}, this.automodeperiod) } } //END int() function } //END Prototype assignment