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How Are You Prepping For The Worst?

clepsidra1Preparing for the worst, or prepping in general, is not something that you should do just once in a while…

It’s something that you should get in the habit of thinking about (and/or doing) every day, even for just a little.

Many are very busy living their modern lives and it can be difficult to schedule time for things that are outside of daily routines. But the thing is, doing a bit of prepping doesn’t need to take all day — but it should at least occupy some of your time…

Five Great Soaps to Prep!

If you could only prep one kind of soap, what would it be? 

There are always hundreds of answers to that question because there really isn’t a single ‘best’ soap to store; almost any soap is good to stock up on compared to none at all.  If they have to, people can make do cleaning most things with just about any common soap.  If you make your own soap, that is a very frugal and admirable skill.  Homemade soap is  a good option if you have time to make extra and stock up on it.  The important thing is having supply soap on hand for hygiene and sanitation if the store is sold out or closed.


100-items-to-disappear-300x185The following list of 100 Items to Disappear First has been floating around the internet for quite some time. While I am not certain of its original source and although some of you may have already seen this particular list, it may be thought provoking for others.