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Preparing Your Vehicle For Emergencies

By Suburbanprepper.com

Car breakdown couple calling for road assistanceMany of us living in suburbia that commute to and from work sometimes take for granted one of the most important preps, YOUR CAR.  It is critical that you remember that your vehicle in a survival situation is your shelter and it will protect you from the elements, insects and predators. There has been case after case of people becoming stranded in their vehicle because of a mechanical breakdown, or they took a shortcut, got lost and their vehicle became stuck.

In many of these cases, individuals left their vehicle to find help, and succumbed to hypothermia, dehydration or from injuries. They simply could not find their way back to civilization. Rescue personnel only managed to find an empty vehicle because the occupants decided to abandon their shelter. One of the reasons they may have left their vehicle is because they did not have any provisions such as food,water and blankets.

Improvised Vegetable Oil Lamp for Emergencies (VIDEO)

Picture-4-300x219Instead of throwing away your used frying oil, save it for an oil lamp, the old fashioned kind that doesn’t use kerosene or petroleum-based lamp oil. I improvised a simple lamp from materials I had around the house. It took about 15 minutes and cost nothing.