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Whats going to sweeten life after a collapse? – It’s honey, honey!

HoneyHoney, a sugary-syrupy nectar made by honey bees from beautiful flowers, has been used since thousands of years. Humans have used honey both as a medicine as well as a food source. Besides an organic source of sugar, honey has many medicinal properties and is the staple ingredient of various medications.

Composition of honey

Honey, as we know, is manufactured naturally by honey bees in nests perched atop high trees. Pollination, the process of reproduction of flowers, is a result of honey bees migrating from one plant to another in search of food. The composition of honey has revealed that it’s relative sweetness is similar to granulated sugar. Moreover, harmful micro-organisms are unable to grow in honey bottles. Honey can easily be stored at normal room temperature making it a part of many home foods.

The #1 thing a prepper should grow – and you’ve probably never heard of it

August_2011_Moringa_Trees_front_of_house_005 (1)Less than a year ago I was watching a YouTube video on gardening and agriculture and I came across the plant known as the Moringa Tree. Found primarily in the foothills of the Himalayas, this plant is a true “Super-food” and is slowly becoming described by some medical professionals as “the Miracle Tree.” This tree has been used in Indian and Malaysian medicine for years and it’s nutritional qualities are almost unbelievable!

9 Great Survival uses for Chapstick (Lip Balm)

chapstick-590-1284143820In my EDC (Every Day Carry) I have a small but mighty selection of items that are helpful each day or could be very helpful if faced with a serious emergency. My Sypderco Tenacious G-10 knife, a trusty BIC lighter, a Keltec pf9 9mm, a parachord bracelet, a Leatherman Wave multi-tool and… Chapstick??? Yep, my father’s side has a genetic predisposition for chapped lips and dry skin, so each and every day I carry a little tube (or two) of Chapstick. (Sometimes Burt’s Bees)

Survival Crop: Corn

SweetCorn01Would you believe me if I told you this is the first year I’ve ever grown corn in my garden? It’s true. In spite of it’s time tested homesteader friendliness, I’ve never grown it before.

Corn is so ubiquitous up here in Iowa, that there’s really no reason to grow my own corn. The trucks full of sweet corn in the hardware store’s parking lot are there all season, and it’s hard to beat the 4$ a dozen price tag.  I am growing some this year, but it’s proving right all the reasons I gave myself for not growing my own.

How Are You Prepping For The Worst?

clepsidra1Preparing for the worst, or prepping in general, is not something that you should do just once in a while…

It’s something that you should get in the habit of thinking about (and/or doing) every day, even for just a little.

Many are very busy living their modern lives and it can be difficult to schedule time for things that are outside of daily routines. But the thing is, doing a bit of prepping doesn’t need to take all day — but it should at least occupy some of your time…

How to Paint Your Rifle Digital Camouflage

So you want to paint your rifle camouflage. I painted mine 2 years ago and this is how I did it. The information in this post could also apply to equipment you may want to paint. Chances are high you’ll have paint left over anyway.

The idea to paint my rifle came from a local gun dealer. The rifle is a bolt-action Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker in .308 caliber. It’s all stainless steal with a black synthetic stock. I hump the woods with this thing, so I wanted stainless and synthetic. I’ve had bad luck hunting shitty weather with a blued rifle, and I’m always cautious about banging up the wood stock.

Best Place To Store Your Food Supply If In The Basement

best-place-to-store-food-supply-in-basementIf you are storing your emergency food supply in the basement (or garage?) or other such similar place, here is a tip which might help avoid some problems…

Store your food supply at least 3 to 6 inches off the ground, and away from walls.

This helps ensure that your food supply remains safe from rodents, insects, and moisture.

Five Great Soaps to Prep!

If you could only prep one kind of soap, what would it be? 

There are always hundreds of answers to that question because there really isn’t a single ‘best’ soap to store; almost any soap is good to stock up on compared to none at all.  If they have to, people can make do cleaning most things with just about any common soap.  If you make your own soap, that is a very frugal and admirable skill.  Homemade soap is  a good option if you have time to make extra and stock up on it.  The important thing is having supply soap on hand for hygiene and sanitation if the store is sold out or closed.

What Is Missing From The Preppers List

b2ap3_thumbnail_financial-servicesWe start with this Preppers list

- Beans Bullets & Band Aides

Then we think about shelter. No wait there has to be a bunker on the Preppers list too. Of course we didn’t forget communications and some mode of transportation to the bunker. Actually most Preppers have thought long and hard about how they would overcome the bomb, and the alienation from the world we now know. They’ve read a lot of materials and listened to some awesome talk show hosts. They’ve hit the range and honed their weapons skills. But in all that expectation they simply forget that a Preppers list requires a heavy amount of cash flow to make it happen.

Do Home Remedies Actually Work?

home-remediesOne of the reasons I got interested in home remedies is because of how bad the economy is. It got me thinking that during an inflationary depression, I might not have extra money for cold medicines, pain killers and the like. And hospitals are likely to be so crowded that they won’t be worth going to unless it’s an emergency. But do home remedies actually work, or is it all in the mind? The short answer is: sometimes they work, and sometimes it’s the placebo effect. So the more important question is: How can we tell the difference?

Medicine in Your Backyard

After spending a lifetime getting your medicine from the pharmacy, it’s easy to forget that nature has already provided medicinal plants all over the world. If you look closely, you might even find medicine in your own backyard. Practice identifying them now because there may come a time when you need them. Here are 10 of the best medicinal plants.