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Surviving Chaos And Change After a Disaster


It is natural for some people to panic when confronted with a crisis. Most are not prepared mentally or physically for a disaster situation, and are immediately overwhelmed, and in some cases cannot function. People panic because they do not know what to do next. Flight or fight, the emotions swirl in peoples’ minds and people are, without actually realizing it, deciding whether to confront the matter emotionally (fight) or deny it (flight) and some cannot not make any decisions at all, decisions that may save lives.

Tips For The New Prepper – Learning From History


How Did They Ever Survive 100 Years Ago?

As a society we are only concerned by what is affecting us right now. We don’t worry about water until it’s gone or undrinkable. We don’t worry about our money disappearing from the bank because that just never happens, and yes it does. We don’t prepare for an earthquake or natural disaster until our home is destroyed. And worst of all we as a society we have this unfounded faith that our government has our best interests in mind, and will be there to bail us out when the SHTF. I’m not saying we need to live completely off the grid, but we need to know how, if and when that time comes.

How To Dress a Wound And Basic First Aid


What You Might Not Know About Basic First Aid

When it comes to being prepared, having a broad base of knowledge will help to keep you calm when unexpected things come up,  from water filtration to how to dress a wound and basic first aid. And let’s face it, unexpected things will come up on a daily basis, not only in a SHTF Scenario, But if you have the knowledge of how to handle that particular situation, then it will hopefully not seem as catastrophic.

YouTube Video by Dr. Bones: Antibiotic Overuse


shutterstock_89589424-300x200For years now, Joe Alton, M.D. aka Dr. Bones and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. aka Nurse Amy have written about the importance of adding antibiotics to your medical storage.  In times of trouble, simple cuts from chopping wood or other activities of daily survival can lead to infection that can become life-threatening.  In the History Channel series “After Armageddon”, an EMT got just such a cut, and watched himself slowly die from septicemia (an infection in the bloodstream) because the community had run out of antibiotics.  Our mission is to prevent such unnecessary deaths in a survival situation; many of our articles discuss fish antibiotics and other means of stockpiling needed supplies.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you, survival medic, should use antibiotics for every medical problem you encounter.  Here’s a video by Dr. Bones about the dangers of the overuse of antibiotics…

Top 10 Natural Anti-Inflammatory Herbs



Anti-inflammatory herbs are much in news these days due to the various health benefits they possess. Natural supplements and treatments are gaining traction these days due to ever increasing medical costs as well as their benefit of zero side-effects. Over-the-counter prescription drugs are less potent against some health issues and are thus loosing popularity over time. And in a disaster or total collapse of the world as we know it, these herbs could be grown or collected as a secondary source of medical treatment. Here are top 10 natural herbs that have Anti-Inflammatory health benefits.

Don’t Forget Personal Hygiene when Prepping

by Michael Levanduski

When thinking about and planning for emergency situations most people focus on food, water, shelter and protection.  Stocking up on non-perishable foods, plenty of drinking water, a safe place to stay and weapons for protection is essential, but it doesn’t go far enough.  Once you’ve got the essentials stocked up, it is time to start thinking about longer term survival.  What will life be like if, for example, there is a global financial collapse and virtually every business is gone?  What products and services fall in that class of items which isn’t strictly necessary for immediate survival, but is still essential for avoiding sickness and even death within the first couple years after the collapse.


Survival by Cellphone: Survival Fishing

By Creek

cell-phone-lure-featured1-300x126As a student of wilderness survival, I have spent my life practicing, teaching and preserving the primitive survival skills of our ancestors. In our culture, primitive skills such as starting fire, hunting, navigation, making cordage, and using stone tools have been replaced with wind-proof lighters, flashlights, microwaves, grocery stores, GPSs, hardware stores and knives. We take modern conveniences for granted and the thought rarely (if ever) crosses most people’s minds about what they would do if ever faced with a true survival situation.

23 Common Spices That Should Be In Your Pantry Now

By Above Average’ Joe

spicerackMRE’s, mac and cheese, powdered potatoes, and canned vegetables are going to get really old, really fast after the SHTF.

But if you take a little extra time to include herbs, spices, and seasonings into your supply lists, you can completely change the flavor of otherwise bland meals.

I don’t always follow the rules and tend to be a fan of the “throw it in, how bad could it be”cooking method when it comes to spices.

[Video] 45 Survival/SHTF Tips

By ‘Above Average’ Joe

I was killing time on Youtube the other day and ran across a short video that I thought y’all might enjoy.It has 45 “survival tips” and runs abut 11 minutes long.Some of the tips are rudimentary and some are just not all that applicable.But there are a few “nuggets” of information that I found helpful in it…Check out the video and let me know what you think, or if there is anything you’d like to add.


Training Day – Putting your Bug Out Bag to the Test in the Real World

By P. Henry

HeavyLoad-708x404One of the wisest things you can do with any aspect of prepping is to have direct first-hand knowledge of how to use whatever skill, tool or gear you are counting on to save your life. This applies to so many things, but it bears repeating. If you purchase a generator to keep the lights on for your family, you should start that puppy up once a year at least. Make sure you know that it works first of all, that you have the proper fuels and lubricants and know how to make it run. If you don’t know all of that, your generator might be worthless.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Emergencies


Car breakdown couple calling for road assistanceMany of us living in suburbia that commute to and from work sometimes take for granted one of the most important preps, YOUR CAR.  It is critical that you remember that your vehicle in a survival situation is your shelter and it will protect you from the elements, insects and predators. There has been case after case of people becoming stranded in their vehicle because of a mechanical breakdown, or they took a shortcut, got lost and their vehicle became stuck.

In many of these cases, individuals left their vehicle to find help, and succumbed to hypothermia, dehydration or from injuries. They simply could not find their way back to civilization. Rescue personnel only managed to find an empty vehicle because the occupants decided to abandon their shelter. One of the reasons they may have left their vehicle is because they did not have any provisions such as food,water and blankets.