Strawberry Survival Food?


A simple and deliciously sweet food to grow are strawberries. If grown properly, they can provide fresh strawberries from Spring into the Fall with a seemingly endless harvest throughout. What better treat from a garden than a bowl of fresh picked strawberries!

When choosing your strawberry plants, we suggest that you choose the ‘Everbearing’ variety which will keep on producing during the year, and read more

Indoor Winter Gardening


How many of you have tried indoor winter gardening? Indoor greenery will not only improve your mood during the winter months, but if you are successful, any vegetables will provide a harvest to supplement your meals, especially useful post-SHTF collapse…

As you might expect, having good light is crucial to success. Plants that don’t have enough light will grow ‘leggy’ (long and spindly). When a read more

Best Place To Store Your Food Supply If In The Basement


best-place-to-store-food-supply-in-basementIf you are storing your emergency food supply in the basement (or garage?) or other such similar place, here is a tip which might help avoid some problems…

Store your food supply at least 3 to 6 inches off the ground, and away from walls.

This helps ensure that your food supply remains safe from rodents, insects, and moisture. read more

Tools And Equipment Without Fuel Or Electricity For Prepping


tools-for-preppingIn the event of a SHTF collapse, our refining and fuel operations/infrastructure will quickly grind to a halt while local fuel supplies will deplete and disappear within days.

In a long term scenario, your gasoline/diesel/gas/electricity powered equipment and tools will become useless.

Have you thought about this? read more



100-items-to-disappear-300x185The following list of 100 Items to Disappear First has been floating around the internet for quite some time. While I am not certain of its original source and although some of you may have already seen this particular list, it may be thought provoking for others. read more