How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter

Want to build a bamboo house or shelter? Whether for leisure or for insights, this building guide with tips will help for sure!

Building A Bamboo House As A Survival Shelter

1. Pick Bamboo to Build a Survival Shelter

Sturdy and columnar, bamboos are great materials to build a survival shelter. If you have a sharp, reliable machete and a paracord grenade, you can make a fairly decent shelter from bamboos.

You also don’t need nails to join bamboos together, which is quite convenient. You can either use vines for rope or stakes from bamboo.

2. Find a Good Spot to Build a Bamboo Shelter

Set out into the wild and find a good spot where you can build a shelter. Make sure this place is close to a potable water source.

Bear in mind the ground has to be firm, even, and dry. The flatter the surface, the easier the construction.

It has to be dry as well to keep the bamboo in a good state longer. And, since you’re making a bamboo house, you might as well choose a spot near a grove of bamboo for building your shelter.


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