18 Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing A Homestead

Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to starting a homestead, but if you want the best place for you and your family you need to consider these big items before you buy your land.

Land Usage

Different homesteading ventures require different amounts and types of land. For example, if you simply want to grow more of your own food but don’t want to raise livestock, you can include smaller parcels in your land search, perhaps even an acre or less. Other ventures like grass-fed pastured beef require much more. Here are some homesteading activities to consider:

1. Building Resources

If you want to build a house using materials from your land, you may need to look for access to sturdy hardwoods, stone, clay soils, and more depending on the type of construction you choose. Figure out what building materials you will most likely need, find properties that provide as many of them as you can, and devise ways to acquire the rest in your area. Followers of the blog know that we’re building a cordwood house, so our property search included the need for lots of softwood trees. Luckily for us, eastern red cedar is a good wood for cordwood masonry and it’s practically a weed around here so we found a property with an abundance.



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