How to Make Fire Starters From Empty Plastic Cupcake Containers

There are limitless ways to create and improvise fire-starting options, and all of them can be beneficial to one degree or another.  We recently came across a simple and practical idea that builds on a more-traditional fire-starter, and it allows for a good deal of flexibility and improvisation as you can use various materials that you have on hand at the time.  Let’s look at the general idea below, and you’ll how easy it is to modify it according to your specific needs.

Getting Started


The main ingredient for this project, no mater what kind of material that you end up using to make the fire-starter, is wax.  It can be any kind of wax that you may have laying around, from the remnants of candles to crayons or beeswax.  Expect to use at least 1-2 cups of wax in order to produce enough material to fill an average-sized disposable cupcake container.

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