Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About MREs, And Then Some

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) seem to make it into the stockpiles, bug out bags, and trunks of many preppers.  Yes, I have a few cases of them, too. Unfortunately, few people do the leg work to fully understand MREs and whether they are a wise decision for themselves. Below are some tips to help if you have considered buying these meals as part of your food storage and emergency plans.

Purpose of MREs

You should consider the source and purpose of MREs. Most of us are familiar with MREs as military food. Uncle Sam created them to fuel fighting soldiers in combat situations. The taste has to be decent enough to avoid revolt from the troops and to encourage them to eat the whole thing.  If the the troops aren’t eating, it is a waste of money, weight, volume, and more importantly, calories/fuel.

Equally as important as what goes into MREs, is what doesn’t get put into them. Uncle Sam does not want troops to have gas, loose stools and lots of bathroom breaks on the battle field.  You can expect a certain amount of constipation to be “built-in” to MREs.  Ingredients are not added to increase constipation, but they definitely remove any items or contents that would encourage a regular or loose stool. The objective with the MRE is to fuel the troops and for that fuel to be 100% eaten and converted into energy.


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