Secret Sniper Technique Revealed: Ballistic Loophole Shooting

First, I brought you a practical method for easily building a ghillie suit which defeats thermal imaging (FLIR).  Now, I’ve decided to create an entire YouTube channel dedicated to equipping the citizenry with advanced means of self defense.

Guerrilla Think Tank is a project created by Brandon Smith of focused specifically on training, tactics and outside the box thinking.  We will study alternative means by which the general liberty-loving public can counter an advanced aggressor with the sometimes meager means at their disposal.  We will also study the psychology behind propaganda and how to recognize it, as well as study geopolitical events around the world and the perhaps unseen influences they can have on the future.   In short, Guerilla Think Tank is about asymmetric thinking and dismantling seemingly insurmountable threats with simple but unique solutions.

My first video teaches the long “secret” method of shooting at any distance through a ballistic loophole; effectively making the shooter invisible to observation.  Be sure to give the video a thumbs-up and subscribe to Guerrilla Think Tank if you liked it:



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    […] Secret Sniper Technique Revealed: Ballistic Loophole Shooting […]

  • […] Secret Sniper Technique Revealed: Ballistic Loophole Shooting […]

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