Another 21 Lost Tips from 100 Years Ago – with Illustrations

Another 21 Lost Tips from 100 Years Ago – with Illustrations

Today you’ll find some “little” survival tricks popular in the early 1900’s.

100 years ago Gallaher Ltd printed a short “How-To” series, with clever hints for emergency situations. The cards were distributed with packs of cigarettes. All the pictures bellow are part of the George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library.

This is the second part the article.

If you want to read the first part go to  “25 Lost Survival Tips from 100 Years Ago – with Illustrations.

26. How to Adapt Noisy Boots for Stealth Walking

How to Adapt Noisy Boots for Stealth WalkingWe all have a pair of boots that squeaks every time we take a step. This makes it impossible to walk undetected. Here is a great, easy fix as it war written 100 years ago on the back of this card (image)

“When boots make a squeaking noise, a good remedy is to drive several brads into the center of the sole. Another method is to place the sole in a dish or a plate containing oil with the heel propped up in order to immerse the whole of the sole and the boot left until the oil has thoroughly soaked into the leather.”

27. How to Make a Spirit Level

How to Make a Spirit LevelYou can’t call yourself a builder or a woodworker if you don’t have a level.

100 years ago people used to build their own, and it might be simpler than you ever thought. You will need a glass tube, corked at each end, filled with water or spirit with just enough to leave a bubble of air.

The ends of the tube are fixed in the box using sealing wax, which should cover them to prevent any loss of liquid by evaporation.

28. How to Make Briquettes from Coal 

This is an economical way to treat coal dust and to make it into bricks of fuel.

Mix the dust with salt (about a handful of salt to each shovelful of coal dust), add water, and stir it until you get a stiff paste. You could also use wallpaper paste instead of salt. Mix a quantity of the paste sufficiently to fully dampen the amount of coal dust. Mix thoroughly to achieve a thick consistency.

Mold the bricks in an old tin box, and afterwards, place them on a board or a shelf to dry.  You can also use plastic plant pots. Don’t forget to press them into the box firmly.

Damp coal will burn, but it’s still best to wait a couple of days. You will get a much better result if you wait until they are fully dried. Afterwards, just place them on the fire.



Saving our forefathers ways starts with people like you and me actually relearning these skills and putting them to use to live better lives through good times and bad. Our answers on these lost skills comes straight from the source, from old forgotten classic books written by past generations, and from first hand witness accounts from the past few hundred years. Aside from a precious few who have gone out of their way to learn basic survival skills, most of us today would be utterly hopeless if we were plopped in the middle of a forest or jungle and suddenly forced to fend for ourselves using only the resources around us. To our ancient ancestors, we’d appear as helpless as babies. In short, our forefathers lived more simply than most people today are willing to live and that is why they survived with no grocery store, no cheap oil, no cars, no electricity, and no running water. Just like our forefathers used to do, The Lost Ways Book teaches you how you can survive in the worst-case scenario with the minimum resources available. It comes as a step-by-step guide accompanied by pictures and teaches you how to use basic ingredients to make super-food for your loved ones. Watch the video HERE .

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