5 Reasons to Learn Bow Hunting for Survival

Learning how to hunt with a bow and arrow, especially with a focus on stealth hunting and tracking, is one of the most valuable skills a prepper can have.

Not everyone plans to become a survivor someday, so learning survival skills isn’t something most people worry about.

Many would rather roll over when the lights go out. Chances are, if you’re reading this, that isn’t you.

What if the unthinkable happens and you have to figure out how to hunt for your own food? Bullets eventually disappear, and sometimes you need stealth instead.

Times like this a bow is your best option. Learning archery, especially with a focus on stealth hunting and tracking, is one of the most valuable skills a prepper can learn.

Here are 5 good reasons to learn bow hunting for survival situations.

You’ll Never Starve

First and foremost, if you have a bow and know how to hunt, you’ll never starve. The best part is you can kill just about any animal with a bow, so you won’t face a life of spam in a can and Twinkies.

Large animals like whitetail deer can feed large amounts of people and are easy to cook and clean in the wild.

If you get sick of wild game, the best bow hunters can use their weapon to catch fish as well. If they’re not good at shooting fish in the water, they can use an arrow as a spear.

You Have Protection

If the world changes in a heartbeat, first responders such as police and fire will be extremely busy. In these types of situations even ordinarily honest people will loot, steal, and misbehave, if they think it will help them and theirs survive.

A bow and arrows probably wouldn’t be someone’s first line of defense in normal society, but when your only goal is trying to survive a bow and arrow can be a good line of defense.

It’s A DIY Project

One of the greatest things about a bow and arrow is you don’t even have to own one to use one in a survival situation.

They are easy to make, and if you’re smart enough to learn how to shoot a bow, you can learn how to make one. Basically, you only need a few materials to make a bow and arrows that will help you protect yourself and hunt for food.

To make a bow in a survival situation, you just need some hardwood to make the bow itself. Items like cattails and small (straight) sticks can be used to make arrows, and broadheads can be made out of stone chips.

Another great source for broadheads is glass. You can break a glass bottle, look for shattered windows, or just look at debris laying near the edges of roadways. Wherever there is rocks, there’s usually glass. Just chip it away to that it’s even on both sides. Keys, computer parts, and many more things can be broken and shaped into arrow heads.

Finding string for the bow can be a bit more challenging. Examples of places to look for string material include vines, strong plants or the thread of clothes you or someone else in your group is wearing.

Bow Strings Are Multi-Purpose

Whether you have a traditional bow string or you’re improvising with items you find in the wild, you can use the bow string to do many other things as well. For instance, you can use bow string to make a snare, use in traps, or even start a fire via a bow drill.

Also, if you find a good source of materials to make bow strings you can create many things. And nothing is stopping you from using the string you are using for a bow to build something else with as long as you don’t damage it.

If you are planning on using string like substances for your survival needs or gear, you should make sure you know how much is available to you and use it accordingly.

Long Range Damage

Not many weapons are as accurate as a bow and arrow when you’re in a long-range situation. With practice, you can accurately use a bow and arrow from 50 to 100 yards away, and good luck trying that with a spear.

Without stating the obvious too much, what this means is you don’t have to get close to something or somebody to either scare it away or kill it, if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why you should consider a bow and arrow for survival situations. With a bow, you’ll have a way to hunt prey, you can defend yourself in intense situations, the weapon can be made out of supplies and materials you’d likely find in the outdoors, the bow string can be multi-purpose, and most of all it can be used from long distances, so you don’t have to get to close to something to be able to wound or kill it. So next time you and the family are going over your survival plan, consider learning archery and how to make a bow and arrow from scratch too.

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Source : besurvival.com

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