The 5 Worst Cities for Preppers after Doomsday


The 5 Worst Cities for Preppers after Doomsday

In this guide we are going to review the worst cities for preppers to live in when the shit hits the fan.  I know what most of you are thinking, ‘That’s easy, the cities with the highest crime rate are the worse’, or at least that would be the response of someone less imaginative.  Luckily, I’m not a two dimensional kind of guy, and I prefer to see through parallel monotonies to the abstractions of life.  That doesn’t mean I am going to exclude those statistics, they will just play a small role in a greater sum.  To provide a genuine list of the worst cities for preppers we have to factor in four critical elements; crime statistics, natural resource availability, government dependency, and cultural values.

Determining Factors

Crime statistics that take murder per capita, strong arm robbery, and assault into account provides a reasonable expectation of what these cities will look like after doomsday.  The availability of natural resources will play a much larger role than crime because a lack of those natural resources will force the people who aren’t criminal to become criminals.  Natural resources that factor into our ratings include; farms, freshwater sources, and raw materials.  Government dependency plays a smaller, but equally important, role in how a city fares after doomsday seen in our latest post ‘Life after Doomsday’.  A city with a high percentage of its inhabitants on welfare, food stamps, and other forms of government assistance means a high number of people who are less likely to be prepared, and self-sufficient.  Cultural values can somewhat be succinct with crime, but for the purposes of this article, it is its own being.  Cultural values like community togetherness and team spirit is a plays a huge role in how a city will fare after the apocalypse.  Wolverines!

A minor clarification — one thing not taken into account is nuclear fallout patterns, which would be relevant if the disaster we face is in some way related to nuclear war, or a series of earthquakes near nuclear facilities causing a meltdown.  However, this information Is more relevant to another article I am writing, and for the sake of redundancy this factor will not be accounted for in this article.  That being said, this list is relevant as long as Doomsday wasn’t caused by a nuclear event.

The Worst Cities after Doomsday!

Sacramento, California


I hate to break it to all of you Sac Town hoodrats, but one of the last places I would want to be after the apocalypse is Sacramento.  I don’t mean to offend anyone, but Sac is a shit hole.  Sacramento, CA is ranked the 11th most dangerous city to live in America, where children aren’t even able to go to a football game without the possibility of getting murdered by one of the city’s 100+ gangs.  In addition to being one of the most dangerous places to live, even without the threat of doomsday, California’s unconstitutional gun laws will leave law abiding citizens defenseless since the only ones that will have guns is the gang bangers.  Is that not enough to convince you?  Let’s add icing to the cake, Sacramento is running out of water forcing it’s 1.7 million citizens into a very desperate situation when the pumps get shut off.

Las Vegas, Nevada


Two of the writers for live here, so trust me this article is not biased at all, and honestly if you live in areas like Summerlin or Anthem it’s easy to live in denial with all the trees, good schools, and ridiculously unnecessary albeit beautiful architecture, but denial will only sustain you so long.  The reality is we live in a fucking desert with absolutely no natural resources whatsoever.  Our water comes from the Colorado River, and Lake Mead, but once the Hoover Dam goes out of commission we are royally screwed.  In addition to our unavoidable drought in the near future, our murder rates are starting to sky rocket!  Even though Summerlin and Anthem are great neighborhoods, they are surrounded by areas with extreme crime rates like the East Side, North Town, and Boulder.  Unlike other cities, after doomsday we will have nowhere to go for food, or water, and once the power gets knocked out we are all going to die with no air conditioning and an average temperatures of 120°+ in a very long summer.

New York City, New York


WILL SMITH as Neville in the 2007 film "I Am Legend" directed by Francis Lawrence. PHOTO CREDIT: Warner Brothers Pictures Published 11-04-2007: Will Smith plays a survivor of a ravaged Manhattan of the future, in "I Am Legend," the third screen adaptation of Richard Matheson's novella.Photo by Warner Brothers Pictures
WILL SMITH as Neville in the 2007 film “I Am Legend” directed by Francis Lawrence.
PHOTO CREDIT: Warner Brothers Pictures
Published 11-04-2007: Will Smith plays a survivor of a ravaged Manhattan of the future, in “I Am Legend,” the third screen adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novella.Photo by Warner Brothers Pictures


Believe it or not, New York City has a low crime rate when compared to other cities.  So why is New York on this list?  Like I said our conclusions aren’t based solely on crime statistics.  The problem with New York is the size of the city, proximity between people, gun laws, exits, and complete lack of natural resources.  Due to the size of this city, when the shit hits the fan these people will cannibalize each other.  The proximity to one another makes it increasingly difficult to contain a viral pandemic.  Again, the gun laws play a role making the criminals the only ones with guns, while everyone is running around with baseball bats and cannolis.  Worst of all there are very few options if you want to get out of the city, which is a double-edged sword, making it that much easier to quarantine, contain, and subject the city to marshal law.

Detroit, Michigan


What do you do when Motor City turns into Amityville?  You get the hell out of there in a hurry.  It’s no secret ‘liberalism’ destroyed this city, like it is slowly destroying Austin, Texas.  While Detroit does have natural resources surrounding the city, there are very few people who live in the city that would actually know how to acquire them!  I shit you not, I’ve been to Detroit, met the people, and I’m telling you right now; once the water pumps turn off these people would be too inept to go down to Detroit River or Lake Huron and get their water and filter it, nor would they be able to hunt from the surrounding woods.  Over a quarter of the city’s population is on welfare, or food stamps.  Want to hear the kicker?  Detroit is the second most dangerous city in the country.

Modesto, California


Much like Sac town, but not as bad, Modesto has high crime rates, with over ten thousand violent crimes every single year.  Another issue with Modesto is they are ranked as one of the top ten cities in The United States that is running out of water with the San Joaquin’s river turning up dry.  Just like the other cities listed in this article, Modesto has little exploitable natural resources, and horrible gun laws that will create several issues after doomsday.  ‘Water Wealth‘ lol…

Closing thoughts…

When writing this article I resided myself to the fact I was writing a preference point and not an iron clad academic syllabus.  The things I listed are what I would be the most concerned about, and if you find yourself agreeing with me I suggest you find a home in a city with little crime, a bounty of natural resources, fewer gun laws, and a strong community.  If you guys have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below.  We value our readers’ opinions!


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