Bugging Out 2.0: When You Need to Bug Out…Again


Bugging Out 2.0: When You Need to Bug Out…Again

There are many of us who like to believe we’ve got it all figured out. We have a bug out location (or bug in location), a ton of equipment, supplies, arms and ammunition. We have our agricultural plan ready, permanent water supply, and we believe that we are ready for anything that may happen. We look at everyone else and laugh at their inability/unwillingness to prepare appropriately. We know that the unprepared will reap what they sow, while we will reap all the benefits of our hard work. What many of us have not considered is what would happen if our location became compromised and we had no other option but to bug out…again. In a world going to hell, nothing will be permanent and nothing will be completely secure. I’m writing this article for the very simple reason that I want you to understand that nothing that you do will guarantee safety or permanence. The only thing that you can take to the bank is that eventually, one day you and your group/settlement will have to pick up and leave.

I think that a lot of you guys right now are either writing this article off or thinking that you don’t even have a bug out location in the first place so why would you worry about it. The truth is that in any type of disaster or collapse being able to be mobile while being agile enough to be able to react quickly to changing situations will spell the difference between life and death. Often times we are so connected to our stuff that we forget that it is simply stuff and not worth dying for. This is going to be even more valid in a post-SHTF world. The fact that many of us have spent years preparing our location and gathering supplies makes the idea that we might have to leave with nothing but a backpack and a weapon makes us want to throw up, but you must be prepared to do so if you wish to live.

remote-cabin-300x225One of the biggest threats to any bug out location or prepper group will be remnants of the government wishing to consolidate resources and to “protect” the remainder of the population. I truly believe that after the collapse that the remnants of the US military/National Guard will infest the countryside, gathering up people in order to maintain a semblance of control. Hopefully, you’ll have found a location that is hidden and secure, but no matter what you do, if you’re located by either the government or even a large raiding force, you will have to leave quickly if you wish to live. The equation is simple.  If they outnumber you and have superior firepower, staying will equal death.

We must all understand that we are prepping and getting ready for one simple reason. We do everything that we do in order to give our families a chance for survival. If we make a decision to resist a superior force when it would be suicide to do so we would be no smarter than those who did nothing to prepare. Dead is dead.  Any location, no matter how amazing and how secure cannot guarantee safety and you must be ready to leave in the moments notice. You chose to prep in order to give yourself a chance to live, not preparing secondary locations or even training yourself to be able to live off the wild is tantamount to not being prepared it all.

20101017img_7376_thumb-300x201Preparation goes beyond bug out locations, food, arms/ammunition, and training. It is about considering every possible scenario and preparing for the most likely of them. Having to find a secondary location in a hurry and being able to secure and fortify practically any position is something that everyone should know because it’s not a matter of if your location will be compromised, but when.

Here is a hard reality that everyone of you should consider when thinking about living in a post-SHTF world. You have a better than likely chance of dying with everyone else. I’ll say it again.  No matter how prepared you are, no matter how many supplies you have gathered or how many guns you have, there’s a better than likely chance that you will not survive even past the first few days unless you are able to be mobile and able to think on your feet quickly. If you are married to any one place or if you have decided to defend your bug out or bug in location with your life, I wouldn’t want to bet a dollar on your chances for survival. Is it possible that your location is so well hidden and so wonderfully defended that there is no chance the you will ever be located or attacked? Yes, but would you be willing to bet your life and the life of your family on it?




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About the author : Editor of SHTF Journal. Served as a Cavalry Scout from 2005-2009. Iraq Veteran.

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