Make Your Own PVC Bow (VIDEO)


Archaeological evidence suggests that people used bows and arrows nearly 13,000 years ago, perhaps longer. These weapons are simple and efficient. And they have roles both defensive and for hunting.

Today firearms have largely replaced bows. However many people still enjoy bow sports. And building your own simple bow has never been easier. The Backyard Bowyer has a great video on constructing a bow out of a PVC pipe. By the way, “bowyer” is the technical term for a bow-maker.

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Video by BackyardBowyer / Youtube.

While it may not have the power or versatility of a firearm a bow is still a potent weapon. And, unlike a rifle, a bow is relatively silent. That gives the user a tactical advantage.

Follow these easy steps and build a bow of your own. This is something just about anyone could do in an afternoon. And it strikes me as a fun project for young people. Use this method to pass on a little history. You can be a modern, PVC William Tell.



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