How To Disappear Completely – The Great Vanishing Act


How To Disappear Completely – The Great Vanishing Act

How To Disappear Completely Without A Trace

I’m not here to attempt to guess or question the reasons why you want to learn how to disappear. Im sure the reasons for your interest in disappearing are complicated, diverse and very personal.

It would be impossible guess what exactly brought you to this “How To” web page.

  • Maybe you owe the mob a fortune in money you don’t have, and they are going to break your legs and feed you to the sharks.

  • Or perhaps you are preparing to do something so dastardly – so sinister – so illegal – you are going to need to vanish from the face of this earth.

Whatever your motivation, be it for good or evil or neither at all, the following is a guide to disappearing entirely.

Disappearing Is a BIG DEAL

But I feel obligated to encourage readers to use this information only out of necessity or desperation – disappearing is a big deal.

It is an action that scares people and raises a lot of attention amongst authorities. If you must, there are government agencies and professional servicers who can help you obtain a new identity legally.

However, if circumstances require it, and you must take matters into your own hands; then this guide is for you.

It is a last, and desperate measure, but if you are really getting ready for the Great Vanishing Act, all on your own, then I wish you Good Luck. You’re going to need it.

Preparation Is Key

Disappearing takes time. If you were hoping to split town as soon as you are done reading this, get ready to be disappointed.

There are several steps involved with disappearing oneself, and the more time spent preparing the better off you will be.

But, sometimes the choice to disappear is forced upon us in a rush, for which case this section has been broken up into two parts.

This does not mean that you can skip one section or the other; both have extremely important steps involved. Read through all of this and learn the process of disappearing, then decide which steps are most pertinent for you, specifically.


The Long Game – Create your master plan

Distance yourself from others.

You are going to need to start cutting ties to your old life. That means start seeing friends and family less and less over time.

Continue this until eventually you do not see each other at all and they do not expect to hear from you. This will require you to lie. Get used to it.

Making excuses and weaseling out of family plans will seem like child’s play once you start lying about your own character. This venture requires you to fib, deflect and mislead almost constantly for the rest of your life – until the lie becomes your new reality.

If you aren’t prepared for that, you aren’t ready to disappear.

Start withdrawing all your money.

Your days of Visa, PayPal and Venmo are over. You are a cash person from now on, and you need to get ALL of your money out of the banks.

Do this SLOWLY, so as to not raise any eyebrows. Over the course of several months withdraw varying amounts from all under your name. Do this until they are all completely drained.

You should have a fat stack of cash tucked away in some closet or crawlspace.

Kill your social media accounts.

Even though deleting accounts on many of these accounts doesn’t truly erase your information. However, it is an extremely good way to start detaching yourself from the information grid.

Say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, even email accounts – it is wise to delete everything. Once again, do this SLOWLY, otherwise people will take greater notice.

Do you have any pets?

You’ll need to take them to a shelter. Or let a friend or neighbor adopt them under some other pretext.

Pets cannot come with on your disappearing adventure. They will raise attention and make you more recognizable. However much you love your animals, they’ve got to go, and it is more humane to put them up for adoption/give them

However much you love your animals, they’ve got to go, and it is more humane to put them up for adoption/give them away than it is to abandon them entirely. It is a harsh reality of the Great Vanishing Act, but it is one you must accept.

It is a harsh reality of the Great Vanishing Act, but it is one you must accept.

Quit your jobs or request time off.

Just before your big breakaway, you need time to prepare, and a head start before anybody begins questioning your absence.

Employers are some of the first people to notice when a person goes missing. So make sure yours thinks you are taking a nice long, much-needed vacation very far away.

Be as thorough as possible.

Stay out of the lease on your residence if you rent, so landlords don’t come looking. Tell your neighbors you’ll be on vacation for a while (perhaps even give them a false lead as to where).

Tie up any and all loose ends you can think of to give yourself more time to travel and escape before the hunt is on.



The How To Disappear Short Game

Compile all of your identification.

Get every school ID, drivers license, birth certificate, social security card, and bank statement. Collect anything with your name, and definitely your picture, all in one place.

There are different theories as to what you should do with these documents once they’re collected: Some sources say you should keep them. Some say you should get rid of them.

Whatever you choose to do with your ID’s and personal documents is up to you, but once again, be thorough. Don’t leave anything behind, whether you take it all with or burn it in a bonfire: leave no trace.TheLostWays6

Destroy your pictures.

It sounds drastic, but photos of you will be your own worst enemy. If family members start going door to door and store to store carrying a photo of you from the life you’re trying to flee.

This also makes it clear to family and authorities that you wanted to disappear. This was a conscious decision. You weren’t murdered, you weren’t kidnapped – you chose to vanish.

It may seem counterintuitive but trust me, it will work in your favor. If the cops think you disappeared by some malicious or accidental incident, they may search harder for you.

Cancel your mobile phone plan.

It is of no use to you now. You are a fugitive, not a social participant. If you really need one, buy a breaker phone under an assumed name.

Ditch your car.

You had some good times together, but few things are more traceable and recognizable than a person’s car. Sell it for cash.

Or leave it running, unlocked, in a bad part of town, with the deed in the glove box and let some thief do all the work for you.


More Tips and Tricks On How To Disappear

In the book, “How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found” by Doug Richmond, he suggests the following…

Search for babies who died the day you were born and contact the government requesting their birth certificate. He emphasizes that this is normal because people lose birth certificates all the time.

Now use that document to acquire a social security number, drivers license, and other personal documentation.

With that, move to a busy city, rent a small apartment and spend several months developing a short employment history. Mainly with temp jobs or construction gigs.

Then once that is established simply walk out the door and never return. He calls this psudocide – or, faking your own death.

However logical this may seem to some, remember this: our government, now more than ever, is on the lookout for terrorists. They will take notice of anyone who is trying to falsify identities and get into the country to wreak havoc.

This book was written in 1995 – a lot has changed in the last two decades.

Requesting personal documentation under a false identity from the federal government is highly illegal.

This behavior will have some immense repercussions today should you get caught.

Instead of disappearing on your own terms, masked special forces might blast through your window late some night, bag you, tag you, and ship you off to Guantanamo.

That’s called disappearing on their terms. Not good.


Getting the Hell Out Of Dodge

You thought the preparation was complicated? Well, to do this right you need a bug out bag when you make your break.

The Bug Out Bag: Is a bag stocked with essential travel supplies and everyone should have one.

Limit what’s in your Bug Out Bag to the bare necessities. Such items such as essential medical supplies, personals, small tools, a change of underwear and socks, et cetera.

Change up your personal appearance.

As much as you treasure that favorite t-shirt and jeans combo, ditch them.

Go to a cheap clothing store and buy several outfits that you would NEVER normally choose. Dye your hair. Wear a new hat – hats are great for concealing faces. Try to mask your own mannerisms as best as possible.

It is likely that people will already be looking for you – and it is possible that someone might recognize you anyway. You need to make a stranger of yourself.  But don’t make yourself strange; you need to blend into a crowd as well as mask your own identity.

This means you can’t stick out or be remembered. Be the background. Stick to the shadows. Act normal.

Travel on your own terms.

Covering distances by foot or bicycle are your best options. These forms of transport cannot be tracked and do not require licenses or ID’s to use.

Public transportation (i.e. buses, trains, subways, etc.) are acceptable, just remember a lot of these are constantly under video surveillance.

And under no circumstances do you take a cab or hitchhike. When you get into a car with someone else at the wheel, you have just put your entire situation in their hands. They could turn you in, recognize you and contact the authorities, or crash the car and get the police or EMT’s involved.

Travel on your own terms; don’t ever let someone else manage your great vanishing act.


The further, the safer – the more isolated the better. Head for the border or get way out of town.

If you are in the US, your best bet is south. And I’m not talking about Mexico. While it may be a developing country, and it may even be “easy” to get to without an ID, Mexico is a lousy safe haven and is currently rather tumultuous.

Keep moving. Go to Central or South America. There are plenty of ideal towns, cities, and villages you can access down there.

If crossing the border is out of the question or outside the realm of possibility, travel far, FAR.  There are a lot of isolated or busy locations that do not require a passport to get to, just be warned: it is usually easier to find someone on the run, when they haven’t left their home country.

But whether you flee the country or hide amongst us, you must go somewhere people will not expect.

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Jamaica, then definitely do not go hide there. If your family is from South Africa, that is off limits to you. Look someplace up. It doesn’t have to be a place you’ll be unhappy, or uncomfortable, it just has to be a place that you have never heard or spoken of to anyone ever before.

This is a good point to lay some false leads.

When you leave home, place clues like maps or extensive internet research that lead anyone following you in the wrong direction. If your destination is actually Nome, Alaska, then leave books, maps, and research for Los Buzos, Panama all over your house when you split. False leads will buy you time.

Another important decision at this point: big busy city, or tiny isolated town. There isn’t really an in-between option here. The easiest place to disappear is either in the midst of a throng, or the emptiness of the natural world.

Rent a small studio under an assumed name in a city full of hundreds of thousands of people. Or vanish into the woods and build a house on the outskirts of a tiny town. Maybe you even go full Jeremiah Johnson and live off the fat of the land in the heart of the wilderness.

Whatever you decide, just remember: this may be your home for a while, so choose wisely.


The New You and Your New Life

Disappearing is more than just running away and covering your tracks.

If you want to disappear forever and never be found, the implication is that you, your character, your mannerisms, your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and ideas ALL DISAPPEAR.

This is without a doubt, the most difficult and most important step of the process. Be an actor. Your identity must change to its core.

Create a character history.

  • Where did you come from?

  • What did you do before?

  • Where is your family?

  • What kind of food do you like?

  • What is your favorite beverage?

  • Who’s your favorite author?

  • Your favorite musician?

  • Favorite food?

  • Recreate everything

Of course, making friends will eventually be necessary. No matter where you end up, neighbors and locals will become a part of your life, and it isn’t wrong to make friends with them. Just make sure to do so under your assumed identity.

Hell, having people who can confirm your name and backstory might even be helpful in this situation. Especially should the relevant authorities come snooping in your new area.

So don’t be afraid to meet people, just be afraid of revealing your true identity.

Becoming Comfortable and Falling Into Old Habits.

Don’t do it! Stay on your guard at all times – paranoia can be both a curse and an invaluable tool.

Watch yourself, and do everything you can to avoid old habits.

Contacting people from your past.

NEVER. I guarantee the urge will grip you at some point or another.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to visit, call, write, email, IM, or otherwise contact your family or friends to let them know you’re okay.

They are not part of your life anymore. And any form of contact between you is a step towards discovery and ruin.

The lure of personal success.

I can understand the appetite for success. Some people cannot stifle this hunger – to be better, and have more, and get recognized.

It is something that a person cannot bury, cannot suppress.

Maybe you went from being a successful stockbroker or businessman before your life on the run. Or maybe you used to write books.

Whatever your draw, success is something people are driven towards, and it isn’t necessarily to be avoided. You can still be successful in your life on the run.

Your new identity can still find prosperity and recognition – just not for the same talents or reasons as you had in the life before. Find new hobbies, new interests, new skills you never knew you had and exploit those.

Stay under the radar, of course, but don’t be confined by your exile.

Moving is OKAY.

Moving is even encouraged after a while. If you can, change your name for the first few moves. This should be easier in less developed countries, but if it proves to be an issue, travel by nicknames.

Try and make following your trail as confusing as possible: are we looking for Juan? Or John? Or Jo? … Something like that. The more you move the harder it will be to find you – and the more you will learn as a citizen of the Earth.

This experience might teach you more about the condition of our world than you’d imagined.

Above all – Stay safe, stay alert and stay disappeared.

Further Resources For Research and Preparation

One article isn’t nearly enough information to get truly ready for an effort of this scale. I’ll reiterate: Disappearing is a big deal.

It has repercussions that seep beyond your own life.

No matter how detached you may feel from the world around you, someone will eventually notice.  Once they do notice, then it is just a countdown to pursuit. The better prepared you are, and the more you have studied up, the more time you will have to complete the Great Vanishing Act in its entirety.


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