What Really Caused The California Terrorist Massacre?

What Really Caused The California Terrorist Massacre?

It is painfully evident that the Leftist malevolent MSM is already equivocating this obvious prima-facie Islamic terrorist attack by disclaiming it as terrorism, absent any corresponding motives but not entirely ruling it out yet.

Yeah, sure; until the authorities can whitewash it like they did the recent Colorado Planned Parenthood terrorist shooting by claiming they don’t know the exact motive even though the shooter specifically mentioned abortion baby parts, and was associated with an organized group of Christian extremists that has claimed responsibility for a number of killings.

Rev Robert Jeffress, an ardent proprietary theocratic religionist seeming to be more preoccupied with moralist equivalency comparative ratios among religionist evildoing, was just on Fox News and, as always, sidetracked the most important issue in his brainwashed defensive mode. He was more worried about defending the sidebar issue of prayer when the New York Daily News headline saying “God Won’t fix this”–referring to their leftist anti-2nd/A need for more gun control–appeared.The truth is that the Obama administration does not want to offend the Muslim religionists and too many of the rest of the religionists in this country are more concerned with God, than they are with security of their country.

This San Bernardino terrorist duo were Muslims who recently visited Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and had the characteristic Islamic State beheading garb, tactical uniforms, vests, and the Islamic State caliphate has already applauded the massacre on line. Not to mention when the police hit their apartment, it resembled an Iraqi IED bomb factory and had enough munitions to supply several other future terror attack missions such as this one.

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Ironically, the typically tepid denouncement of this California terror attack by the Muslim CAIR organization and the hard to believe relative of the shooter, who claims sincere mystification as to his brother committing this atrocity and the lack o a motive either, was apparently disputed by a Muslim woman who stated on Fox that she supports proactive efforts to weed out and condemn radical Islam as it offends non violent Muslims in America as much as anyone else. Of course, she is in the minority of American Muslims who are reluctant to admit any Muslim support of radical jihadism, even though most are secretly in support of it.

Yet, amazingly, at this writing, with all the self incriminating condemning collective preponderance of evidence, the government and its agents had still not concluded that these murderous terrorists were Islamist sleeper cell members.

Yes, I know how that sounds. It’s like saying, hey, look, you people are so stupid that we can make any laws we want to control you even if means subverting Constitution of the United States! You don’t really think we give a shit about your safety, do you? Hahahah? Nah, no way these were Islamist terrorists. This was just another example of “workplace violence” the POTUS is so convinced about and wants us all to believe as well.

Insult to Injury

The rock salt thrown on our emotional wounds was that the AG’s statement concerning this act of war on ’We, The People’, did not say anything of American recognition of being in danger of radical Islamist attacks! And, the POTUS himself could not restrain himself in his San Bernardino comment today when he said they can’t say it was terrorism (and he’ll never say “Islamist terrorism” even when it is) because they just “don’t know that” yet and it still “could be workplace violence”.

Our own government officials are lying to us and trying to re-direct, obfuscate, and marginalize the true reality for their own political agenda. And we just sit there and suck it all up, like infants on a pacifier.

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Not being able to say the term “radical Islam” to keep in the good non-offensive graces of Muslims to garnish the large Islamic voting block that supports his socialist party regime is one thing. But to also spit on our graves by being more concerned with his gun control agenda, and trying to disarm us so we can’t defend ourselves adequately, amounts to an insidious attitude that simply can’t be tolerated by true American Patriots. The POTUS, of all people, should be more concerned that our 2nd/A “Shall Not Be Infringed” so that We, The People, can have the advantage to protect ourselves when police are not around.

I often go hot when some nitwit leftist sheeps say something so insanely stupid like “more gun control would have stopped these terrorist attacks”. Would more gun registration in the form of universal background checks have stopped this California massacre? California has limited capacity magazine laws. Did that stop these shooters from having large capacity ones?

These murderers could pass any background check! They bought their guns legally on government 4473 registration forms. “Legal” just means that your purchases are registered for future confiscation, NOT for crime prevention! And registration is never for your personal safety. When that finally dawns on people, they usually have a couple too many afterwards at happy hour to assuage how stupid they feel.

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Then I go super after burner when some morally debased LL who is suffering from an EMP brain circuitry blow out says something like, “Well, if any gun control law saves just one life, then it’s well worth it.” I then ask them, “Really…What about all the lives gun control doesn’t save? If just one Paris concert fan had a concealed hi-cap pistol, how many of the 130 murdered victims might have lived? If just one person at the San Bernardino Christmas party had a Glock 17 with 19 rounds of high power ammo under his jacket, and opened up on the shooters?”

Just the act of interrupting the methodical slaughter with directional suppressive firepower could have made all the difference in the world, even if the terrorists weren’t immediately killed. If I’d been there, and I wasn’t killed in the first couple seconds because of the element of surprise, I guarantee I would have jumped up and speed flanked them while blasting a dozen or more rounds on them without hitting bystanders and also drawing their fire off their targets. And because I never miss, I guarantee they’d at least be “temporarily” disrupted from firing. But just in case I only wounded them, I’d quickly put a couple more rounds each in the openings of their face masks.

Rand Paul had a refreshingly pragmatic solution which I had already pointed out right after the Paris attacks last month. Rand Paul, unfortunately, is unlikely to be the GOP nominee, but it’s my opinion that nevertheless has the best solutions and ideas for immediate implementation. And he is at least more proactive of any other politician by putting forth a new bill to restrict and or seriously qualify access to our country from other known terrorist countries, which we all should force our Reps to support.

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Unless you are a complete air head and remain under ball and chain, or you are a leftist agenda based power elite social parasite, you have nothing to prevent you from understanding and knowing for a fact that gun restrictions and control and even all out confiscation does not work anywhere, let alone in a libertarian free society. And any violation of our precious 2nd Amendment is anti-constitutional, anti-American, and it is intentionally placing the American people in serious danger!

So you don’t waste valuable time we don’t have left and resources we can’t afford to eliminate an inanimate tool, you instead eliminate the potential deleterious behavior of the human losers that is intent upon performing the unsocial act itself.

And of course I’ve never seen Hillary so popeyed jubilant and evil grinning frenzied in her sound bite press response to the San Bernardino terrorist cell atrocity about her renewed determination to disarm the American free citizens with more illegal law restrictions, and by launching a counterattack on the gun lobby and 2/A protectors!

It is a difficult concept for someone like me to deal with. The convoluted absurdity of justice and security forced upon us by the leftist regime and its MSM propaganda mind control Hillary Pac group to actually want to disarm the free American people while we are all under direct assault by murderous sleeper cells, who care less about any gun control laws because they simply don’t subscribe to them, is something I lose a lot of sleep over. And so should you.

It can’t be sane to agree with a POTUS and this tyrant regimes solution that protecting us from murderous religionist Jihadists is to prevent us from protecting ourselves by violating our 2/A liberties and disarming us. When he should be making it less restrictive for Citizens to have firearms! Starting with lifting restrictions on locations like “Easier to Kill Us Here” zones aka “gun free” zones.

So You Really Want to Know Who Is to Blame?

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Of course a major part of the fault goes to the POTUS and his cohorts and totalitarian policies which are definitely a large part of the problem, and not a real time solution. And sadly, this amounts to clear prosecutable violations of national and private security.

They’ve done everything from outright denial of clearly identifiable Jihadist attacks, to bullshitting us with the non effective illusion of dismantlement at the source of the IS and other anti-Western middle East Islamist terrorist groups who have declared war on us, to the complete lack of enforcement of sufficient border protection and immigration checks, to preclude the ridiculously easy access to our country by hard core enemies of our nation.

And then lying to our faces about it because they think we are all too stupid to know the difference. It always bothers me that the government refers to a “war on terrorism” without being able to say who the terrorists are. Rudi Juliano just said on national TV that “anybody who thinks this is NOT terrorism has no business being in law enforcement, and…is simply a moron”.

I have to go one better. Anyone who thinks we must destroy the 2nd Amendment by universal registration background checks for future confiscation efforts for absolutely no pragmatic or viable public safety rational, except this regime’s purposeful agenda to disarm the free American populate for future totalitarian milking of the sheeple, deserves to be arrested and charged with treason. For the betrayal of our citizens right to safety and violating the Constitution of the United States which they swore to uphold.


At the very least, the entire voting population regardless of their political party affiliation, ethnicity, race or religious preference, should recognize the greatest threat to our private freedoms and security that this current regime represents and use our voting voice and power to put a stop to this egregious tyranny and disregard for our national security this coming election.

Because ultimately, the American People are the cause of our own government failure and our own national endangerment. We, the People, are still in charge of and accountable for our own political destiny.

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Because our trust had been taken advantage of by our past governments and corrupt representatives and worthless politicians and crony administrations, we must all come together to prevent this totalitarian juggernaut from further trespassing on our Bill of Rights for their own agenda based power greed, once and for all, as our framers provided for us to do.

We must unite and remove this astoundingly dangerous current government beast and at least get in office non-professional agenda based politicians like one of the so-called outsiders to start a much needed organizational reform type of revolution for 2016.

Otherwise we have no one to blame in the end…but ourselves.

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