Could You Fight a Terrorist? How to Survive a Terrorist Attack on Downtown Los Angeles

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Could You Fight a Terrorist? How to Survive a Terrorist Attack on Downtown Los Angeles

It’s no secret that terrorists have been crossing both the Mexican and Canadian borders into the US. Several terrorists have reportedly been sent here from places like Pakistan and we can assume Iran and Syria to train U.S. Muslims (aligned with the cause of Radical Islam) for a probable attack. This is what an attack might look like and how to survive. Warning: Graphic violence. Extreme survival tactics. If you want to live through this kind of attack, you may have to do the unthinkable.

With police departments in major cities now on active watch for terrorist plots by agents from Iran and Hezbollah as indicated by CBS news earlier this year, what would happen if a an attack actually took place on a city street downtown, like Los Angeles, the center of the CBS report?

You’re caught in the middle of a “hot zone” — people are being killed, terrorists with AK-47s are executing men, women, and children. Shots fly over head and glass shatters in nearby windows.

LAPD: Be On the Look Out for Hezbollah, Iranian Special Forces

CBS affiliate in Los Angeles reported August 29, 2012 that LAPD is actively on the look out for Hezbollah linked terror groups believed to be plotting attacks on Southern California.

See (CBS affiliate): LAPD: ‘Active’ Terror Plots Linked To Iran, Hezbollah, ‘Sovereign Citizens’

The LAPD has it’s own counter-terrorism unit, in fact. CBS reports at the first link above:

“‘In this region we have active terrorist plots, in this region, right now,’ said Deputy Chief Michael Downing, commanding officer of the LAPD’s counter-terrorism unit. The Department is currently tracking ‘government of Iran operatives, Hezbollah, sovereign citizen, homegrown violent extremists, animal rights groups’ and others, Downing said. He added that Iranian or Hezbollah agents may initiate attacks locally if war erupts between the U.S. and Iran.”

What would an attack by Iranian / Hezbollah agents look like?

This kind of terrorist attack probably won’t look like an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber with limited training and no lengthy military experience.

It may look a lot more like an attack by Navy Seals — but instead of Navy Seals, the attack will come from highly trained soldiers of Iranian and Hezbollah special forces — going for “maximum impact”.

Maximum Impact Terrorist Attacks

For those of you familiar with special forces training, it would be like the local police (perhaps 30 - 40 cops in the vicinity of a terrorist attack) going up against 75 or more Spetznaz (Russian trained special forces).

“Special forces” means they’re trained for the most dangerous assignments — they are swift, strong, excel in hand to hand combat, automatic weapons, fearless fighting, and sheer brutality.

Local police would be no match — not unless they could round up 300 heavily armed cops to take on 75 Spetznaz (within minutes of an attack) who are armed with fully automatic weapons and possibly shoulder fired missiles and grenades — and still that might not be enough.

The fact is this — a small group of highly trained fighters (foreign special forces) can take down larger groups of fighters (local police) not prepared for this kind of fight.

Los Angeles Terrorist Attacks

First, let’s consider how local police might react once the initial calls come in. Major police departments in Los Angeles and New York City nowadays have counter-terrorism squads, but they also have Swat Teams, as do most other U.S. cities with a population of 50,000 or more.

U.S. Swat Teams are armed to the teeth with men highly trained for arrests and take downs of dangerous criminals.

Jihadist terror cells from Iran and Hezbollah have highly trained men also — men trained to kill for Islamic ideals, men trained with weapons and explosives.

Some of these men may be Iranian special forces — special forces a lot like our own Navy Seals and Airborne Rangers here at home. Many are highly trained, deadly accurate with weapons, dangerous in hand to hand combat.

How these two groups (Swat Teams and Jihadist terror cells) aren’t running into one another right now when the terror threat level is so high in America reveals one thing — terror groups (we know they’re here, there’s no doubt about that) are communicating with one another at a level that is beating America’s surveillance here at home.

Jihad: Superior Communications

No fly-lists, email and phone surveillance, U.S. mosques infiltrated by government informants — stakeouts by the FBI and other undercover government teams are not getting anywhere, it seems.

Not to say that the FBI isn’t good at what they do — they have done a great job with tracking down and breaking up large scale organized crime rings in the past; they’ve arrested the leaders of street gangs and motorcycle clubs, as well as a number of large drug rings that can trace their origins all the way to South American drug lords. In any of these groups, dozens and sometimes hundreds of arrests can take place at one time in a large FBI sting —

But it’s not happening with Jihadist terror cells.

Risk of Terrorist Attack Remains High

With or without arrests of terrorist cells, the risk remains high for a series of simultaneous terrorist attacks timed to create “maximum terror” in America; terrorists most likely want to disrupt our already shaky economy and are likely to do that by plotting attacks that cause mass-fear across the United States population.

Swat Team Up in Flames

What about the local Swat Team? Foreign special forces may already have a plan for taking on the local Swat Team — they might blow up their armored vehicle as it leaves base — the entire Swat Team murdered before they can pose any threat. Or they might have snipers waiting near the scene, ready to pick off Swat Team members and any others that pose a threat to an active terror attack.

Learning From a Real Terrorist Attack with AK-47s

In 2008, Mumbai, India was attacked by trained militants from Pakistan, where multiple locations where attacked at around the same time, or shortly after one another.

One group of militants (ten) that attacked that evening landed on a beach in inflatable speedboats, simply telling local fishermen to “mind their own business” as they set off into the city (a report to police by the fishermen received little response).

One of the first attacks began when two men with AK-47s walked into a train station and began killing people. In all, just in that train station, they killed 58 people and injured 104. Then they left the train station, shooting at pedestrians and police, killing eight police officers.

They passed a police station but the police inside were smart — out gunned, they had secured the gates and shut off all the lights and hid.

The attackers ignored the police station and continued their attack in the city.

Elsewhere in Mumbai… Two terrorists armed with AK-47s storm a cafe, killing at least 10 people, injuring several more.

Multiple other terrorists seize two hotels, The Taj Mahal and the Oberoi Trident; several people are killed, many more are injured. Hostages are taken at both hotels; many flee from windows as fire fighters with ladders outside the hotels help several people escape.

A Jewish outreach center (the Nariman house) is seized by terrorists, hostages are taken; a few people end up killed by the time the attack is broken up by counter terrorism teams who are dropped on to the roof by helicopter and covered by nearby snipers.

India’s counter terrorism forces eventually are able to infiltrate each location terrorists had seized and had taken hostages; during rescues a few people are killed, including counter terrorism forces; all but one terrorist (arrested and taken into custody) die.

Down in the Mumbai harbor police seized a boat carrying guns and explosives — it’s possible that there had been a bigger attack planned, thus the reason for the excess weapons stored at the docks.

Surviving a Terrorist Attack with Automatic Weapons

Notice how a nearby police station in the initial Mumbai attacks avoided losing more officers — they secured the gates and shut off the lights and simply hid themselves.

** If you work in an office, shut off the lights, lock the doors, find somewhere to hide — even consider climbing up into the ceiling or hiding in a broom closet (under brooms, mops, etc.) if you have that opportunity.

** Garbage cans are also other possible places to hide — depending on how large of a person you are — if the can is full, dump some of the garbage out and climb inside; cover yourself with the remaining garbage in the can.

** If you’re in a store shopping, tell the clerks to kill the lights and lock the doors and for everyone to get out of sight.

** If you’re out on the street and in a traffic “killzone” — one that is blocked on opposite sides — from one traffic light to another for example — where terrorists are executing pedestrians and people trapped inside the cordoned off area — you may have a couple options:

1) One is to jump into the back seat of your car and lay down flat on the floorboards; first throw open the driver’s side door so it looks like you fled the vehicle; if you have clothes, bags, or papers, pull them down on top of you; hopefully a gunman’s quick glance into the back seat of the car won’t notice you.

2) Or, flee the car and throw yourself to the pavement and belly crawl quickly to the middle spaces between lines of traffic (again, as long as traffic is blocked and not moving). Pay attention to the sounds of gunfire and crawl in the opposite direction; quickly get out of that middle lane as in the middle lane between cars you’re visible to any gunman standing in traffic; instead, crawl between cars and work your way to the other side of the street.

** As you’re crawling you can consider rolling underneath a truck or SUV … something that has enough space for you to slide underneath. Keep an eye on the cars ahead of you though… watch to see if gunman are looking under cars and shooting people. It’s possible they’re prepared for the way citizens are likely to react in an attack like this, especially if their specific assignment is to seize a city block and execute everyone inside.

** Resist the urge to play dead, unless you have no other option — and unless you’ve been shot and lots of blood is visible. It’s possible that gunmen will put bullets into people who look like they’re playing dead — especially if they’re trained for this scenario.

** There is a way to play dead, but it’s extreme — find a person who’s dead, very bloody; using your hands scoop blood on to your neck, head, torso — just like putting on fake blood for a Halloween party; except this isn’t a party. This is life or death. Once you’re fully coated in blood, then consider playing dead.

3) Let’s assume that you fled from your car, crawled and weaved your way through stopped cars. At this point:

** Listen carefully … if your ears don’t alert you to the sound of an approaching gunman, peak around the side of a car and look to see if you can locate where one or more are positioned — be careful that you’re not spotted.

** Look for an escape path … It’s possible you can run for a nearby shop or office building and enter, hoping to find a back door; it’s also possible that frightened shop owners have already locked their doors, having been prepared for a situation like this (if the lights are off in the shop, there’s a good chance that door is locked).

** Finally, to be prepared for a situation like this, always carry a heavy crow bar in your vehicle, one you can keep under the seat. Hopefully you grabbed it before you fled from your car. Use it to break your way through a door or store window, if all doors are locked.

** If you’ve got a bit of killer instinct, consider finding a place to hide next to a vehicle. Keep that crow bar ready to use as a weapon. From underneath cars, look for the feet of an approaching gunman. Time his approach; stay low and sneak around a vehicle, coming up behind him. Use that crow bar to knock him senseless. Run.

** If you’ve got military or law enforcement training and can shoot a fully automatic weapon — and also have the instinct to put up a fight:

Carry a Gun and Know How to Shoot a Fully Automatic Rifle

** Whether you simply commute through downtown or if you work downtown, carry a handgun and extra ammunition. Carry body armor also, that you can keep in your car or even in your office; if you have the money, keep body armor in both locations. One great way to survive a terrorist attack is to simply be prepared for it.

To civilians this may sound extreme. But to people in SWAT or Special Forces overseas, it’s just another day at the office.

Realize that the days ahead in America may become a lot more dangerous and lot more violent as several countries — like Syria and Egypt in recent months — already know and experience on a daily basis. Be prepared for it so that you’re not caught off guard and without a weapon or body armor, if a mass-shooting takes place.

If You Have a Chance to be a Hero, be Smart About It

If you’re prepared and present for an attack, don’t bother pulling your gun though and trying to stop an attack with multiple gunmen with automatic weapons — just like the police in the Mumbai terrorist attack you are out gunned and will just get killed. Your gun is a last resort weapon — when there is no escape.

These gunmen are trained for this attack; they’ll be looking for opposition to appear (including police and even counter-terrorism forces) and most likely they’ll be wearing body armor of some type.

If you’re a trained police officer — perhaps off duty that day yet caught in the middle of an attack — you can consider going after an attacker — what I suggest next are some “extreme” survival tactics for people who are in a position to fight — rather than simply flee (most people should run).

For our readers in Israel and other nations (our site gets people from all over the world), the following tactics for a gun fight might help you today (or they might get you killed). Be discerning and able to improvise as situations change.

Taking on Terrorists

Israel, Syria, and other nations experiencing periodic violence aren’t the only nations with “fighters” in the world — people who fight back when radical Islamic forces attack — we have many “fighters” here in America also; men with military experience; men trained to shoot; a lot of people who carry firearms.

Be discerning though on whether or not you even have a chance in this fight unfolding before your eyes. If you’re outnumbered and taking fire, it will be better to either find a hiding place out of sight or to simply run and escape, if there’s a clear way out.

But if you’re not outnumbered and the attackers are spread out over an area, you might have a chance of taking the lives of one or more armed men; these actions will call for stealth and they will absolutely call for courage. You will have to ignore your fear and believe that your shots will be on target (that means you better be one heck of a good shot on the gun range beforehand).

If You Carry a Gun and are Caught in an Attack…

** Any armed men who attack will likely be wearing body armor. It goes without saying — shoot for the head. However, if the attackers are wearing combat helmets and you can’t get a clear shot from the front, aim for the hands. A gunshot to the hands will immobilize most attackers; a person can’t shoot an automatic rifle very easy with a bullet through the hands.

If you shoot an attacker in the leg (though their legs may be armored also — be ready for that), you’ll slow him down, but you may draw his automatic fire your direction. Get out of sight quickly (after taking this shot) and find a second location to shoot from (if there are no other gunmen nearby). If there are other gunmen in your vicinity — get out of Dodge while you can. You’re outnumbered and out gunned If the street is cordoned off at both ends and gunmen are closing in, shoot your way through a store window and escape inside, and find an exit or place to hide well out of sight.

** If you’re a cop and know how to shoot a fully automatic weapon — drag the dead gunman out of sight, before any other gunmen realize he’s been shot. You don’t want them to realize they have armed opposition.

Next — another extreme survival tactic for people able to fight back — take the AK-47 or M-16 or whatever weapon that dead gunman was firing with, and quickly plot your next move — if you’re fast you could take the dead gunman’s jacket or mask or both, put them on, and then go after a second gunman, who may not realize you’re an impostor. Kill the second gunman, drag him out of sight, and then go after a third.

** If you’re spotted by a gunman, and you’re wearing the other gunman’s jacket and mask, etc., clutch your arm as if you’ve been shot and stumble toward him — get him thinking that you’ve been shot; this thought will distract his brain momentarily from recognizing that you may not be the size or build or wearing the same pants as the other attacker you just took the jacket, mask, and gun from.

Get close, raise your gun suddenly and fire — again, going for the head, knowing he’s likely got armor on.

** Last thing to remember: Don’t have that gun or mask or jacket on for very long. Find somewhere to hide and get out of your disguise quickly; you don’t want to be mistaken by scared citizens (or worse armed counter terrorism) as an actual gunman.

** Know how to shoot and load an automatic rifle like an AK-47 and M-16. If you can manage to disarm an attacker, you won’t be out gunned by the other attackers, should you decide to go after one or more of them using one of their assault rifles (if you have no police or military experience, don’t even try this; it’s not likely to succeed).

** If terrorists are moving in teams, one man might be covering the other man while he shoots and executes people. That means that you won’t be able to get close enough to this terrorist team for a shot — that’s only likely to work if terrorists have split up into single shooters, rather than multiples working in a pattern or formation.

Careful — Those Might not be Real Cops

Finally, any terrorist attack downtown might come from men disguised to look like local law enforcement, counter terrorism, or even a Swat Team. In Mexico, hit teams (assassins) have been known to dress up like local law enforcement, even equipped with official police or military vehicles.

So if you find yourself in the midst of a terrorist attack, don’t run for the first police officers or Swat Team you see. Watch them first for signs that they are real cops.

They might be killers. Brutal killers.

Take everything with a grain of salt.

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