Places to Avoid After SHTF

Places to Avoid After SHTF

During chaos, people usually do one of two things; button up for safety at home, or seek safety and resources elsewhere.

We recently talked about where to find supplies after SHTF, but it’s just as important to know which places to avoid because violence and disease will be rampant.

Below are some of the places that you should avoid in a post-collapse world.

  • Hospitals should be avoided at all costs. Risk of infection is high even under normal circumstances, but as patients begin dying, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Plus you risk severe emotional trauma from seeing the dead or even worse, being unable to help those who are still alive and suffering. If you think that won’t affect you, you are either a psychopath or have never been around dying people.
  • Prisons are obvious—either the prisoners will still be locked up inside, creating the same problems you would face in the hospitals, or they will have been released and could attack you.
  • Police stations may seem like a great place to find supplies and weapons, but the police and their families will already be buttoned up inside and won’t be eager about sharing. Chances are, you won’t make it past the fence.


  • Avoid military bases for the same reason.
  • Stores where food or supplies can be found should be avoided because they will be looted immediately by lots of scared, angry people.
  • Large cities will become plagued with disease and violence. The risk of ambush will be extremely high, and unless your group is large and has extensive urban warfare experience, you don’t stand much of a chance. Additionally, there won’t be much to find there anyway because anything of value will have been picked through already.
  • Major roads/highways can be helpful but can also be very risky.  A roadside ambush is easy to execute and produces devastating results, so if possible, use smaller roads or even skip them entirely.
  • If you can, avoid “support” camps provided by the government. The living conditions are poor, violence is high, and disease runs wild.
  • My house. Seriously, stay the Hell away.


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