Cern ” Opening The Gates Of Hell ” Death & Destruction Is Coming

Cern '' Opening The Gates Of Hell '' Death & Destruction Is Coming


Cern ” Opening The Gates Of Hell ” Death & Destruction Is Coming

Video first seen on Urban Prepper

Pray the prayer of salvation before it is too late. 1) Pray the prayer of repentance and ask for forgiveness of sin. 2) Let Him know you believe He died on the cross for our sin. 3) That He was resurrected on the third day. Defeating death. 3) He now sits at the right hand of the father.
I Believe Cern will open the gates of Hell, they will have contact with something, But it won’t be little green men from mars, But will be demons and fallen angels That they will bring into our world. . The 6th Seal. The First Trumpet.




Video first seen on The Tin Foil Man

The truth is that much of what many today believe unlikely or impossible is in fact not only possible be most likely actually happened. The key point to remember is that a myth, legend, or fairy tale is not the same as a modern day fictional story that has been created from whole cloth. These ancient stories are generally built around a kernel of truth which a culture held important and sacred. They passed it down from one generation to the next, a wealth of knowledge to be preserved. Each story is a treasure chest of knowledge waiting for us to open.




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  1. K Cook

    Seriously, I do not believe that we are in the seven year tribulation period, for the simple reasons that the New Testament Church is still on the planet, and the Holy Spirit is still in us, and restraining evil in the world.

    The Bible says that there will be perilous times in the end times, and I can see persecution starting to take place in America, but it’s nothing like what Christians endure in other parts of the world.

    I believe that we will see worse persecution in this nation, and that it will purify the body of Christ, separating the true converts, from the false converts,and then the Father will say to His Son, “Go and get your bride”.

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