20 Uses For Vodka You Weren’t Aware Of


20 Uses For Vodka You Weren’t Aware Of

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word “vodka” is probably boozing and having a good time. But there’s more to this drink than meets the eye. It’s a distilled beverage, primary composed of water (the base) and ethanol. Normally is comprised only of fermented cereal or potatoes, but big brands also use fruit and sugar just to add to the flavor. Vodka is a traditional drink to Eastern Europe mostly (Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic), where it’s about 40% pure alcohol! It’s meant to be drunk neat, but it can also serve as a very important ingredient in all sorts of cocktails. But the drink itself is not only a source of hangovers and headaches, it more versatile than you might think. A bottle of vodka can be the solution to many problems that might arise in a regular household. Let’s take a look at some of its many uses.

  1. Clean the caulking from the bathroom (showers heads, bathtub etc.) by simply adding raw vodka into a spray bottle. Spray the areas, let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe clean! The alcohol in the vodka is more than capable of killing even the most resistant mold or mildew deposit
  2. Clean your eyeglasses with a soft, clean cloth previously soaked in vodka. It will wipe the lenses clean and disinfect them
  3. Clean those pesky wine stains that are so resilient to cleaning! Just like before, add vodka to a spray bottle then spray the wine stain. Immediately after scrub the spot with a brush and blot dry.
  4. Maintain and prolong the lifespan of razor blades by soaking them in pure vodka. After you shave, wash them clean and place them in a recipient previously filled with vodka; the alcohol will kill germs and bacteria and will prevent rusting
  5. Bring back the shine to your old jewelry by simply soaking and vodka and gently cleaning with a tooth brush. After you’re done, wipe clean with a soft cloth and let dry
  6. It is a potent clothes freshener, if you fill up a spray bottle with vodka and spray your clothes lightly. Upon evaporation, the vodka smell goes away, and so will any unwanted odors
  7. It’s an excellent remover of all that is sticky! It dissolves very efficiently the sticky properties of gum stuck to the shoes or extra adhesive left from removing old stickers
  8. The best homemade air freshener it’s done by simply mixing equal parts vodka and water in a spray bottle. Simply walk around the house and spray randomly. The solution itself is odorless and it freshens the air, killing instantly any unwanted odors
  9. It prolongs plant life; spray for a few days your flower stems with a mix of 2 parts vodka / 1 part sugar and watch them get stronger and fresher with each passing day. This is because plants naturally produce a gas called ethylene, which promotes maturation. Vodka inhibits ethylene production, thus the plants stay fresh and alive for longer periods of time
  10. Keep insects at bay by spraying your body parts with a mixture comprised equally of vodka and lavender oil. The insects won’t intrude your personal space thanks to the vodka and the smell of lavender will probably keep from smelling like you’ve been partying for 3 days straight
  11. It does great as a treatment for poison ivy rashes. Simply add vodka to the affected area. It dries up the skin, neutralizing in the process the poison ivy oils that cause inflammation, itching and soreness
  12. Jelly fish stings can be cured just as efficiently as poison ivy rashes. A mixture of 50% water – 50% vodka will help soothe the pain and reduce the swelling caused by contact with the animal’s poisonous micro stingers
  13. Clean and disinfect your wounds, as vodka is a natural and potent antiseptic. The high amount of alcohol it contains will kill of instantly all sorts of bacteria or germs from bruise, cut or burn
  14. It’s very useful to remove high fever. Because it evaporates quickly, it provides cooling relief. Simply soak a piece of cloth in vodka and place on the chest
  15. Cold sores can be treated with the miracle liquor and with great success! Simply dip a q-tip in vodka then gently dab the inflamed and red areas and watch the soreness fade away little by little
  16. In case of ear aches, simply pour a few drops of vodka down your year. Let them sit for a few minutes, and drain afterwards. The alcohol found in the vodka will kill the bacteria that provoke pain
  17. If tooth-aches are keeping you up at night, make them go away by simply gargling pure vodka. It reduces swelling, soreness and works as an antiseptic. Once the swelling goes, so will the pain
  18. It’s a very good mouth wash as well, excellent in destroying potentially harmful bacteria in your mouth. It’s best use in the morning, so make sure you mix equal part of vodka and water in a container, since the taste of pure vodka might be too much to handle at 7am
  19. If you dab a cotton pad in vodka and use it to clean your face with it, you’ll notice some unexpected results. Vodka acts as an astringent on the pores. It closes them down, draining excess oils and fats in the process
  20. Since has a well deserved reputation as a disinfectant and bacteria killer, it comes to know surprise that it performs just as wellagainst foot odor. This is because feet smell because of bacterial agents. Simply soak your feet in a container filled with vodka and suffer no more

It is indeed a versatile and very handy liquid to keep around the house. But make sure you keep it out of children’s reach. It’s one of the most powerful alcoholic drinks around and it can cause fast alcohol poisoning; it can even be fatal. So drink or use responsibly!

Source : www.myfamilysurvivalplan.com

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