Economic Collapse Horror Stories

Hintergrund einer zerstörten und verseuchten Industriestadt

Economic Collapse Horror Stories

America’s economy and government have fallen. A wave of violence and property crime crashes over every major city. As the days and weeks pass, the dangers to citizens increase and spread to the suburbs and small towns as criminals roam far and wide in order to survive. Rape (including group rape), abductions, and murder become a daily threat. Here’s how to survive.
One of the consequences of an economic collapse of America, or worse, a complete collapse of government, is a nation falling into chaos… complete lawlessness … anarchy in places … a number of people out of desperation will be willing to do things to survive that will include assault, robbery, kidnapping, rape, even murder. Some will band together like modern day gypsies. Others will roam the land like lone wolves — outcasts but dangerous all the same.

Consequences of Economic Collapse

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What do you think is happening in Middle East nations like Syria and other nations like Somalia and Sudan?

Lawlessness. Abductions. Rape. Gang rape. Murders. People annihilated by government troops. Many are reportedly simply “disappearing”.

CNN 10/19/12 - Activists: At least 28000 Syrians ‘forcibly disappeared’

This is happening in growing pockets of the world. Such as those influenced by violent drug cartels in Mexico.

You can expect it to come to America also. In Phoenix, Arizona, there is already a high rate of abductions related to Mexican drug cartels.

ABC News 2/11/09 - Phoenix, Arizona: Kidnapping Capital of the U.S.A

Rape and Abductions

There’s a reason that Americans and other Westerners are advised to be careful about their travels to other countries — there are high rates of kidnapping in many places today and the day might be coming when that is the case in America as well.

You or someone you love being followed, apprehended, and dragged away somewhere — possibly tortured, some of you raped, some of you murdered, or simply beaten and left for dead.

Violent Crime in the Wake of Global Catastrophe

There are a lot of violent people in the world and that includes America. Some of these people are already behind bars, others aren’t because they simply haven’t been caught yet. Then of course there’s people who have been locked up in the past and are now out on parole. Some of these people do make a change for the better — they put their past behind them and become good citizens, business owners, and neighbors.

Some of these people though are hardened criminals, they’ll never change, they’re just going to get worse and more apt to pursue crime — including violent crime.

States such as California are a mess when it comes to maximum (and many medium) security prisons and actually reforming behavior. Instead of teaching and instilling new values, many of these prisons just become breeding grounds for violent criminals to become more violent.

Danger of Rape After a Disaster

Think of just how many rapists currently populate American states. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they’re all behind bars.

Do you think these rapists (and people who fantasize about rape) are going to turn into saints if America suffers a collapse?

Hopefully some will. Hopefully many people (not just criminals, rapists, etc) will find God, through Christ. But some of them won’t.

In a world gone mad, a lot of these people are likely to go mad as well.

Haiti: Massive Rapes Following Earthquake

Consider what has taken place in the days, months, and years following the massive earthquake to strike Haiti (January, 2010) killing over 220,000 people. Many became homeless as buildings and homes were demolished by the quake. Tent cities sprung up and today many people still live in tent cities — and in these tent cities (and elsewhere in Haiti) many girls, many women have been raped and continue to be raped.

Groups of men will just show up, drag a young girl away from her family, rape her somewhere, and she’ll return home a few hours later. It’s become a normal occurrence.

CNN 10/18/12: Haiti’s Earthquake and Reports of High Rate of Rape Continue

Rape and Mob Mentality

What’s going on in Haiti reveals something alarming about “mob mentality” that can take place at a time of lawlessness such as following a massive disaster — when bad men (even young teenage boys) band together, it only takes one of them to float the idea of rape, and if the group gives the OK, that’s all it takes. Just like that this group turns into a predator — one big rape monster — looking for its next victim(s).

Unless this group is broken up and brought to justice — which may call for violence in order to do so, specifically in a land of lawlessness — they are going to continue to hunt down women and rape them, one after another, night after night, day after day. Think of the horror these young girls have faced as men just walk in and drag them away from their families. Think of the helplessness families must have if they’re unable to intervene. Finally, think of the danger to fathers and older brothers who have daughters and sisters targeted for rape — it’s possible that these men are sometimes simply murdered before hand so that they won’t pose a threat later when the rapists decide to strike.

If America suffers disaster, if our government collapses — you can expect this to take place here also.

Many will lose all control.

Just what is going on?

Welcome to Crazy Town

With no law, no active police force, no courts … if prison guards and local police flee from their jobs (as many will do, you can bet on that) to care for and protect their families after a collapse of government, a lot of bad people are going to realize that Johnny Law is nowhere to be found, and they’re going to be bold, and they’re going to feel like they can now get away with things — a lot of things that you and I would never dream of doing. A segment of society does, though. And that segment will be very dangerous in the dark days ahead known in the Bible as the “Great Tribulation” or simply called the “apocalypse” by just about anyone else expecting catastrophe to take place on earth.

Prison Rioting, Mass Escapes

There are over two million people approximately currently locked up in America’s federal and state prisons and county jails (where many are awaiting prison time, they just haven’t shipped off yet from jail). What if disaster strikes — a string of major earthquakes for example — and walls and fences are knocked down?

Or what if riots erupt in prisons across the land, due to the events taking place out in the world, and these prisoners simply overrun the guards, kill guards, take their weapons, take their keys, and simply let themselves out. That’s even more likely.

The Danger of Kidnapping and Hostage Taking

After murder and rape, kidnapping will be another horrendous crime to be on the watch for. If you can learn to avoid kidnappers, you may have a chance at avoiding murderers and rapists as well. So let’s talk about kidnappers.

Then we’re going to discuss ways to deal with criminals and large, armed groups that pose a threat to your life, to females in your group, or just your property.

In the modern world most kidnappings (of adults) take place as people are going to work or on their way home from work. Westerners employed in other nations (especially those with a high rate of kidnapping) are advised to change their routes and travel times frequently so that they’re not an easy target for kidnappers.

Most kidnappings are not crimes that happen on impulse. Not the ones concerning American’s overseas anyway. Typically kidnappers will put a target under reconnaissance for days and even weeks until they feel safe that they can nab the target without being caught or injured in the process.

Of course, regarding children, sometimes kidnappings are simply a crime of impulse — which is why it’s important to keep your children by your side at all times — especially when you’re traveling overseas, when you’re out in town, or if you’re living in a time of widespread disaster where lawlessness is an increasing way of life for the population. Just as it is in Haiti today.

Tips for Avoiding a Kidnapping


  • Always travel with other people — don’t become careless and decide to venture out by yourself simply because a few weeks or months have gone by without a reported kidnapping. (Today, whether you’re a tourist in Mexico or an American contractor in the Middle East, you already know the drill — with the growing rate of violence and abductions in both regions of the world it’s simply best to just stay where the tourists are, and in many places not to venture out by yourself at night.)
  • Stay in well-lit public areas and travel with others; stick close together; keep an eye on one another.
  • If driving on a freeway stay in the middle lane (it’s harder to run a person off the road who’s driving in the middle lane); it’s also advised to keep a half-tank of gas in your car or more at all times — just in case you have to do quite a bit of driving to shake your pursuers. If there’s gas available and roads still carrying traffic, great; however, if society collapses completely the open road might not be so open anymore. You might be doing a lot of traveling on foot or by bicycle or even by horse.
  • Finally, stay in peak physical shape. If you’re stronger and faster than your kidnappers, that’s only going to help your escape.
  • Have a weapon for self-defense — then train yourself on being able to pull your weapon out in a hurry and use it. Kind of like a Western Gun Slinger being quick to the draw (mentioned recently in another article). If you carry pepper spray (make sure it’s a powerful canister), be able to get to it quickly.If you carry a pistol or a knife or machete (or even a sword), be able to get to it quickly also. Very quickly.
  • Dealing With Criminals and Large Armed Groups

    If you’re out with a group in the evening hours (which you shouldn’t be as the night gives criminals lots of places to hide and opportunities to strike) have your weapon in your hand, even if it’s a large knife, but keep it hidden under your jacket, or simply under a folded blanket or towel, etc.It’s ok to walk down the street with one hand concealed and on your weapon. In fact, if a group of you are walking down the street, if criminals see your group concealing “something” that looks like a weapon — it might scare them off. They’ll simply look for an easier target — because your group looks like it’s armed.

    Protecting Life and Property

    If you’re coming up on a check-point or larger, armed group, you risk having your weapons, tools, food and even your women (including children) taken from you. That is the danger of lawlessness.You have to have a strategy for this. You have to have a strategy for being able to sneak by. Don’t let these events take your group by surprise. You may have children with you. Appoint a couple people to the task of carrying the groups weapons and tools — should you know there’s a check-point or larger, armed group up ahead that vastly outnumbers you. Also appoint this group to the task of escorting any females or children present, if you suspect there’s a risk to any females or children in your group.

    Split-Off Group

    Before you come near the check-point, have this group split off from your group and sneak away through a nearby section of woods or field or side-street, etc. The further away from the check-point the better — the local powers that be may suspect this and have people positioned and on the watch for “aliens” — those who would attempt to sneak past. Keep that in mind.Your split-off group may have to travel a few miles out of the way to avoid being spotted.

    Your goal (if you can cross without hassle) is to re-connect with the group that has split-off a fair distance beyond the checkpoint.

    This way if there’s any kind of “shake down” where an armed gang or militia attempts to strip you of your belongings (and your women or children) you won’t have anything on you to take. In fact you can tell them you just had your weapons confiscated a couple hours ago by a group of soldiers.

    If you’re a convincing “actor” — and you’re having to lie in order to protect the lives of people in your group — my guess is that God would be ok with that lie — but check with him in prayer first — he does command us in the Bible to be truthful. But it’s like being a German or Austrian family in World War II who’s hiding Jews from the Nazis. My guess is God was ok with people lying to the Nazis in order to protect the lives of Jews.


    If these people are a harder egg to crack than that, be willing to give up a few of your possessions if they’ll let you by — if you have any with you still. Be courteous, very courteous — and make sure everyone in your group is on that page well in advance also. Rehearse a plan for dealing with armed groups and gangs. No matter what is said to you — no one gets mad. Make that rule number 1. Become experts at diplomacy.Here’s why: Without a plan for diplomacy, all it takes is one of your group mouthing off to just one person in the gang or militia that’s got you surrounded, and you could all end up losing your lives due to the sheer fact that you are vastly outnumbered, or out weaponed, or both.

    If you’re vastly outnumbered now is not the time to be tough — be polite, back away; don’t panic, just be courteous, super composed, back away, all of you be peacemakers.

    Be Prepared to Make Concessions

    If they’re becoming increasingly agitated and aggressive, then realize quickly that this may end in violence — it might be a great moment to make a run for it, or quickly offer up some concessions, or even volunteer that you have skills you can offer them in exchange for amnesty or passage.Life on the streets is dangerous. A complete collapse of government is going to bring regular folks from the suburbs in to direct conflict with elements from the wrong side of the tracks. There are going to be some beatings taking place.

    Before you’re the group’s next victim, it’s time to make some hasty concessions.

    What ever you have to offer, it better be good, and it better be truly useful. What kind of skills might be useful, in a time of collapse? You know how to make ammunition. You know how to forge iron, melt down metals, work as a blacksmith, etc.

    You’re an “expert” gardener and know how to grow food — really tasty food. You’re a chef.

    You’re an experienced paramedic, nurse or doctor and can perform minor surgeries and emergency first aid, as well as understand medicine and antibiotics. You’re an electrician experienced with off grid power systems like solar panels and wind generated power systems. You’re an experienced marksmen. You know how to fish — and you’re good at it. You know how to hunt — and you’re good at it.

    Today, think about what kind of skills would be useful to know in a time of collapse — just in case you need to offer up your skills in order to survive one day. Keep in mind — this should just be an act. You’re using your skills to buy yourself a few days or weeks of time in order to plan and make an escape.

    If You’re Abducted

    If you’re by yourself one day or one evening, you’re in more danger of being abducted than if you’re traveling with others. It’s time to be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you spot someone trailing you and suspect that they’re going to make an attempt on your life, get yourself out of the danger zone — but first get to your weapon. Have it ready — and be prepared to take your opponent by surprise.If you miss the window of opportunity to escape — if the person or people after you are too quick and over power you — if an ambush was too well put together — if you’re taken captive — go to Plan-B mode. Become harmless. Show complete surrender. Let them believe that you are weak and have no fight or flight in you.

    If it’s too late for escape, don’t fight, don’t resist, cower when they want you to cower. The less they see you as an escape risk, the greater chance you have of avoiding a severe beating as well as less restraints being used to hold you captive. You may still be tied up or hand-cuffed or duct-taped — but perhaps those cuffs will go in front of you, or perhaps you won’t be hog-tied with that rope, perhaps just your arms will be tied.

    Start praying. Bide your time. Sheer determination and a careful attention to details may be how you’ll be able to eventually make your escape. Slowly start to befriend them. Even drop the idea that the world is dangerous and you’d be willing to do the group’s chores, cooking, etc. if they’ll offer you protection. Continue to befriend them — even if they treat you harshly. It’s just an act. Bide your time and wait for the perfect opportunity to escape — even if you have to wait two weeks for them to start trusting you.

    Lessons from American POWS

    If you have to escape though, and there’s no time for an act, it’s going to be best to do so as soon as possible. Prisoners of war know that they’re in the best health in the early days of their captivity, and that will be the same for you also (you’re just not likely to be well fed for very long by your captors). Your goal should be escape shortly after captivity, if this is the apocalypse we’re talking about. The longer you are held captive, and the more food you miss out on and the more you lack exercise the weaker you are going to become, and the harder it will become to escape on foot.

    Life in a Tent City

    What if you and your family find yourselves living in a tent city? I think that’s a dangerous place to be — but if you do end up in one, start meeting people — find out who the “good people” seem to be — you’ll probably come across people with strong religious values — both men and women — and even if “religion” has never been your thing you might want to re-think that now and in a hurry. These people who you may not want anything to do with today because of their beliefs in God are likely to be your best friends in a time of global catastrophe.You’ll notice that for many of them their faith has delivered them from fear of events — giving them a level head and more clarity of thought at a time when so many other people are in a panic, in complete despair from possibly having lost loved ones, their homes, their jobs, their security … and now they have nothing but tears, anger, and frustration.

    Safety in Numbers

    Start making friends immediately. Suggest that there is more safety in numbers, when it comes to life in a tent city. Move your tents close to one another — set up guards during the night to keep watch in rotating shifts over your group — make weapons — come up with strategies for dealing with attackers — perhaps running from your tents with weapons at the first sound of alarm and forming a tight circle around the tents. Look like you’re trained for this. Most likely it won’t be what your attackers are expecting and just maybe they’ll be scared off — especially if one or more of them end up severely injured.If you’ve got a gun or two, and ammunition, and your attackers don’t have a gun — you’ve got the advantage. If you have to take a life, give thanks to God for protecting you from your attackers. In fact don’t take any one’s life unless its a last resort — if possible, give warnings — the Bible says in Romans 12:8: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone”.

    In an addition to a gun or two — or if you don’t have a gun — your weapons can include spears, buckets of rocks (actually forget the rocks — you don’t want to give your attackers the idea that rocks make a good weapon — it would be easier for them to pick you off from the darkness with rocks, if there’s enough of them.)

    Stick to the spears and don’t give your attackers the idea to throw rocks. Why spears? If the opposing group is carrying knives and machetes, your spear is a lot longer than a machete — advantage goes to the spear. See: The Top 15 Primitive Weapons for the Apocalypse.

    Change Locations and Avoid Retaliation

    There’s a chance that your attackers are going to come back for vengeance. It may not be that night, but it may be the next day or a couple days later. It’s time to give serious thought to re-locate your camp and going somewhere out of range of your attackers and of course making the move in a way that no one follows you to your new location. Retaliation is common place throughout the world and throughout history. If you give your attackers a beating — there’s a chance they’re going to re-group, re-arm, and they may even come back with more people. Seriously consider hitting the road before you’re caught by an attack that dwarfs the first attack.


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