Getting Back Home with Small Children

e have discussed the subject of a Get Home Bag before on the Prepper Journal, but in light of the winter weather snafu last week in the South I thought it was appropriate to revisit this topic. What started out as a normal day for a lot of people ended up being a long night because they were either trapped in their cars due to snarled traffic from the snow and ice or they were lucky enough to sleep on the floor of convenience stores.  It is times like this that cause me to think about what steps I can take to reduce the chance of an event like this impacting my family adversely. What would I wish I had with me if I was trapped on the side of the road and faced the possibility of having to walk home?

A Get Home Bag is one item you can have with you in your car that could have supplies to help you in a time such as this. A great Winter Survival Kit for your car would be another great option, but so far I have really only addressed getting yourself back home or making an individual’s life better if stranded. What if you were the parent of small kids and the roads were closed? What if you had two or three little ones and were looking at the possibility of walking somewhere because for whatever reason, your car wouldn’t work or the roads turned into a parking lot? What if we had an EMP attack and nothing worked? How would you go about planning your job of getting back home with small children?

I can’t take all of the credit for this topic though. A reader left the following comment on our post about a Get Home Bag that I thought worthy of an entire post. JM asks:



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