Bugout Bag Contents You’ll Need to Survive an Urban Disaster Scenario

I’ve never been one to condone bugging out on foot in a disaster, especially in an urban environment. However, there are several scenarios where bugging out of a city on foot could be necessary and it’s a good idea to at least think about it and have a plan just in case you ever do find yourself in this scenario. Today we will be going over the most important bugout bag contents that you will need in order to safely evacuate a city in the wake of a serious disaster scenario.


First things first…


Before getting out your pack and doing inventory on your bugout bag contents, your first plan of action should be to determine if bugging out is really the best plan in the first place. Bugging out of a city after a disaster is extremely dangerous, especially if you are on foot. This should only be attempted in the direst of situations.


A good rule of thumb to help you decide when it’s time to bug out is to simply ask yourself a few basic questions:


  • “Do I have a place to go and is that location secure and stocked with supplies?”
  • “Is it worth risking my (and my family’s) life to switch locations?”
  • “Do I have a way of bugging out in a vehicle?”


As you can see, this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly and the answer will be different for everyone and in every situation.




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