Should You Have Only One Caliber?

By P. Henry

The great thing about hindsight is all the wisdom it produces. How many of you have ever wished you could go back in time to a point in your life with all of the knowledge you have now? A lot of us would like to do High School or College over with the brains of our more mature selves. This could be because you know so much more about what kinds of trouble that would be fun to get into, but most likely it is to make better decisions than you did in the past. For me at least, I have said the same thing on occasion about how my life would be so much different knowing then what I know now.

However I know with absolute certainty that my life wouldn’t be the same as it is now. I might not have made the decisions that connected the dots that made it possible to meet my wife. My children may have never been born, or I could have died at some earlier point in my life by getting into that trouble I spoke of and then everything would have been worse, not better. Morbid, right?



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