How To Survive In A Car When It’s Freezing Cold

By Alec Deacon

While all 50 states of our country fall below freezing these days, recording abnormal temperatures, a lot of us struggle not to fall victims of the Polar Vortex that’s affecting us this year. I don’t know about you but this is about as cold as I can remember.

Some of us are coping with extreme cold weather and this got me thinking on cold related survival topics, such as how to survive if you’re on the road, trying to get somewhere. I’m sure most of us are staying or trying to stay safe in their warm houses and offices, waiting for the worst to be over, but the ones needing to head outdoors might call for some advice. You could, God forbid, get stuck in the middle of the freezing nowhere, you might get lost in the dead of winter, you could be the victim of an accident. There are plenty of cold-weather survival scenarios that could happen anytime…



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