What Is Missing From The Preppers List

b2ap3_thumbnail_financial-servicesWe start with this Preppers list

- Beans Bullets & Band Aides

Then we think about shelter. No wait there has to be a bunker on the Preppers list too. Of course we didn’t forget communications and some mode of transportation to the bunker. Actually most Preppers have thought long and hard about how they would overcome the bomb, and the alienation from the world we now know. They’ve read a lot of materials and listened to some awesome talk show hosts. They’ve hit the range and honed their weapons skills. But in all that expectation they simply forget that a Preppers list requires a heavy amount of cash flow to make it happen.

How much money should we have set aside to fill the Preppers list order?

The point of this article is not to discourage you from your preparedness. To the contrary, as a Former Marine and survival minded professional I simply ask you to think outside of the box (or bunker). It’s safe to say that unless a meteor the size of a bus crashes down without any warning we will be able to reasonably predict a national shut down of our country. In that frame of mind it is fair to suggest that you have time to consider your family’s Prepper List and how you are going to fund such a large investment. In all likelihood you are in that large percentage of American’s that simply doesn’t have an extra $5,000 to $50,000 on hand to support your caution of the world’s demise. So, here’s your solution.

This is not advice from a “paid financial planner”  this is advice from a guy that’s thinking about how the world functions and how to make money fast. Think about it, regardless of where you are on this planet you know that fifty U.S. dollars can get you pretty far in a pinch when you need something survival related. Oh, and of course I’m a guy that’s been a police officer, attorney, and I hold an MBA from a reputable business school. So~ I’ve studied money. In fact, when I spent a year over in Afghanistan it totally amazed me that in a war torn country filled with oppressed and ancient tribes that everyone wanted my American cash. Cash is king even in bad times!

As Prepping goes… those that are in the “mindset”  tend to be more independent focused. As in they don’t want to be “on the grid” working a normal job. So what about instead plugging into your laptop and turning your computer into a portable ATM. That’s right get on the net. Make money online. There are ways to work a blog to generate massive amounts of income quickly. You can work at your pace from your comforts of home. Of course you can always stick by the traditional methods of building your Preppers list by purchasing a little bit here and a little bit there.  But in all reality the biggest item missing from the Preppers list is money itself. In my estimation the family that is able to hunker down in the end type situation that has food, water, shelter, and “cash” hidden away will be the family that comes out on the other side with more of a healthy reentry into a newly developed society, or even a recovering society.

In articles and hosted shows to come I will share some specific strategies on this very topic. But as your Preppers list gets checked off you should be anticipating more advice from me. You simply cannot overlook the financial burden of not only preparing your Preppers list, but also in preparing your recovery after a catastrophic event occurs.




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